Data Analytics Trends in 2021-2022

Data Analytics Trends in 2021-2022

Managing data in the past meant gathering, storing, and sometimes accessing it. Such an approach wasn’t useful or effective.

Luckily, the trends have changed, and now businesses and organizations look at data differently — they understand that it’s a valuable source of information when processed correctly. Modern business intelligence methods help businesses to get insight into the market and consumers’ needs.

Critical and valuable information might be generated out of extensive volumes of data. Data is generated and stored within servers or data centers so that it’s protected and could be accessed.

Considering that today we have artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deploy, data analytics is becoming a must-have approach in 2021 and further in 2022. The Big data and analytics method is also a crucial tool for businesses and various organizations.

Big data and analytics, or BDA, is becoming a rather profitable industry. So, what does this mean for you from the business perspective? Should you take into consideration some of the BDA trends to stay ahead of your competitors?

Take a look at these most promising data analytics trends and check if some of them may be useful in your case. Learn more about big data solutions and potential trends that impact the business industry. You will also learn more about big data from the article.


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What is Big Data?

As you can figure out by reading the name of the concept, Big Data is a large volume of data. It might be:

  • neatly structured
  • unstructured.

Normally, businesses and organizations are flooded with amounts of data.

But the main thing to note is not the size of this flow of data. It’s the way companies and organizations use it. If an organization or business analyzes and structures the data, they get valuable insight into the industry.

For example, if the business is in the service-providing industry, then the insight into consumers’ preferences and needs can provide the business with a powerful tool. Based on this data, the company’s management can make the best decision that will positively affect the growth of the business.

Data Analytics Trends in 2021-2022

Big Data Trends for 2022 That You Shouldn’t Miss

Any industry has its trends. Some of them are quite useful. When it comes to Big data trends, some of the techniques, algorithms and methods can greatly benefit the growth of your company. Check out the detailed descriptions of the most promising and potentially prominent trends further in the article.

AI will Get More Involvement, but Under Human Control

The usage of artificial intelligence, without any doubt, provides enterprises and organizations with great tools. It is estimated that in 2022, companies and organizations will keep implementing AI.

Scalable AI is more resourceful, better at learning and reacting, and can do the job without much human involvement. Data analysis, especially Big Data analysis, is a tedious job, which is perfect for AI.

But even though this trend will be growing, AI needs human attention. Artificial intelligence can take a huge burden on human shoulders but still needs supervision. Plus, decision-making is still the job of people.

Aid with Climate Change Analytics

Reducing one’s carbon footprint overall is a trend. People are so much more mindful than they used to. But now that it’s hard to deny global warming and climate change, or that these two concepts are not the same thing, we just need one last thing — to finally analyze the data and put all debates at rest.

It’s important that every country in the world is working as one team to finally improve the situation before it’s too late. But before any actions, an analysis of data is needed.

Overall, the research based on the gathered and analyzed data may give a valuable insight into the overall situation that is going on with the planet’s climate.

But naturally, to convince everyone that climate change is happening, unbiased opinion is much needed. And how do you get an unbiased opinion when everyone has an opinion? By using the information collected from analyzing data about climate changes.

Thanks to Big Data analytics, we can get even more answers to our questions about climate. Thanks to obtaining those huge amounts of data from observatories and stations out in space, we can get valuable information.

Moreover, have you ever wondered what is happening in the ocean? You probably have, since we only explored a small part of the ocean. Thanks to data analytics, we can get a bit more insight.

A Shift from SaaS to iPaaS

The introduction of a Software as a service (SaaS) has made a huge deal in data sharing. Thanks to SaaS, businesses got a chance to optimize their cloud services. But today, it seems that the trend is now switching towards the usage of iPaaS.

Data losses happen every day due to the lack of sufficient tools. That’s where iPaaS may help. iPaaS can help with avoiding data losses and disjointing information between different company departments or virtual platforms. Keep an eye on iPaaS in 2022 as it may well become a new popular trend in business.

Analytics and Composable Data

The idea of composable data and analytics is to utilize parts from multiple analytics, data, and AI components to create a tool that will enable business management to make a connection between the collected insights and potential outcomes that these insights give.

Big Data and Medical Cures

We have already accumulated huge volumes of medical records, and we keep accumulating them every day. But what if we use this data to find cures. That might be the trend in 2022.

Businesses invest in human welfare, and now with big data applications at our disposal and other novel tools, we can create cures faster than ever. But for that reason, we need to analyze the collected data.

The Challenges of Cybersecurity

Data is a valuable resource, so no wonder everyone wants to use it to their benefit. Private data is at risk, cybersecurity is also at risk, and breaches of security cost a lot of money.

Just imagine that the average total price of a data breach is around $3.86 million. And that’s just the average for the world. In some countries, like the US, data breaches cost twice this price.

Big data is a profitable resource, so no wonder why businesses want to protect it. Finding out a reliable solution that won’t keep cybersecurity behind cybercriminals should provide everyone with decent protection. But still, it seems that it’s a very difficult task to create software that won’t have vulnerabilities and flaws.

Plans and Predictions

Predictive analytics is becoming more popular these days as it guarantees good results based on collected data. It seems that in 2022 affordable and quality applications that enable predictive analytics will keep gaining popularity.

Such tools as Amazon Forest, Anaplan, etc., can be easily integrated into businesses. And that means that these tools will help businesses plan and predict outcomes. Thanks to predictive analytics based on collected data, companies will be able to make profitable decisions related to investing and creating new services or products.

Data and Graph Technologies

It is easy to make a false assumption that the more data you gather, the better. But that’s not always the case. Many businesses and organizations invest in more computing power to generate, analyze and structure more data believing that will help them make good decisions.

But the problem is that you can’t make a good decision if you don’t have a clear understanding of what this data means. Tio makes sure you get an insight. You need a connection between data patterns. Otherwise, it won’t generate meaningful reports that help in decision-making.

That’s where graph technologies should be able to help. Graph technology is used to create a map of data sets, as well as make a connection between these different sets. When graph technologies find similar patterns, that’s when business management can make a connection and use of gathered information.

Thanks to data analyzed by graph technologies, businesses might come up with services or products that meet business challenges, beat competitors, and offer a valuable solution to consumers.

Data Analytics Trends in 2021-2022

Blockchain and Data Science

The introduction of blockchain technology in the past has become nearly a revolutionary event. Never before was a system completely decentralized and governed by computing machines in different locations in the world. Blockchain technology offered a solution to various businesses and organizations, and it still has something to offer in 2022.

Data scientists are still hesitant when it comes to switching to blockchain technology to analyze data. But the idea of getting data directly from a device and being able to tell where it comes from is rather tempting.

Moreover, the transparency of blockchain technology offers a clear view of all operations within the chain. Scientists track various operations, see connections between data sets, and much more.

The new trend of implementing blockchain into data analytics should be useful for small and medium businesses. Blockchain will make data more accessible. Businesses will get a chance to build reliable data-based infrastructures where they might audit information and check the sources.

The Bottom Line

There is one thing for sure, big data keeps growing, and businesses need to make use of it. It’s a profitable source of information that gives valuable insight into the future. But to make a valuable decision, we need new ideas. In 2022, several promising trends might help businesses and organizations.

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