10 Tips for Mobile Application Development

10 Tips for Mobile Application Development

To become a successful mobile developer, you should follow some advice. It will help you to organize your work efficiently:

1) Try to practice reactive programming in mobile development.

2) Learn the Kotlin programming language launched by Google in 2017. This is great news for Android developers who are tired of programming on old, overloaded, and full of errors Java applications. Give it a chance, perhaps Kotlin will inspire you to new achievements.

3) Communicate with other programmers. You can learn a lot during development meetups, at parties, or just by talking to people with similar interests.

4) Learn some “hotkeys” of mobile development to increase your productivity. 

5) Learn new info about Android weekly. Make a list of things you don’t know yet, prioritize, and start working through each item. After a couple of months, you’ll look back and be surprised at how far you have come.


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6) Spend more time trying to understand the integrated development environment (IDE).

7) Try choosing the right template when designing the architecture of your application.

8) Learn the best programming experience for Android.

9) Listen to podcasts on Android during your daily activities.

10) Do what you think is necessary for your work right now.

Other important recommendations for mobile app development

Training as a programmer has nothing in common with the mobile developer. These jobs have many differences. 

Go to Google Play or the App Store: most such applications are located there, especially among games. According to statistics, these applications make up 90% of all apps. This is what the average mobile app developer does. But where do you start your training if you don’t want to stop there?

In order not to be the same average developer and create something original in mobile app development, you need a quality foundation. Experienced programmers recommend starting with computer science, data structure, classical algorithms, hash tables, and so on.

How to become a successful mobile developer

It is much easier to become a mobile app developer if you already know about programming. Then, you can safely skip this section. But, as you know, practice makes perfect. Also, you may have to do some of the work associated with graphic design.

If you have no idea about programming, it’s okay because you can always learn it. Moreover, the internet contains a lot of information devoted to the study of programming.

In particular, this includes video courses of mobile application development that have helped a large number of users to become programmers. Let’s say that nowadays, it is easier to master the profession of a programmer than 8-10 years ago. All sorts of courses for mobile app developers are successfully contributing to this trend.

There is a mobile application development stereotype that the best programmers are those who graduated from the school of programming, have certificates and diplomas, allegedly proving their skills. However, practical skills are also very important. 

There are people both among professional programmers and among self-taught individuals who find themselves in their place, who have a penchant for programming. Nonetheless, some consider themselves masters of their craft, although they would do better in web design or something else related more to creativity.

To sum up, we must say that mobile app development is an interesting and creative activity. Also, it will help you to earn real money.

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