How to Hire a React Native Developer

How to Hire a React Native Developer

React Native is the process of leveraging JavaScript skills to write real and natively-rendering mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Basically, it allows developers to use the efficiency of JavaScript to create mobile apps that appear and function “natively.”

Developers of React Native are commonly expected to know the feel of a native application. They must be familiar with the performance between a mobile application written in React Native and a mobile application developed using other existing frameworks. A developer must also be aware of the convenience of working with React Native not only in application development but also in development experience.

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1) Rendering through React Native is done through the use of the host platform’s standard APIs. This makes the process a notch above the rest.

2) The efficiency of React Native is seen in how it translates existing markup to native UI elements and leverages the local means of rendering views unlike other existing methods that usually do not have access to the host platform’s native UI elements.


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3) React Native is a radical improvement from traditional mobile development in the areas of cross-platform development potential and developer experience. It provides a speedier means of mobile development without compromising the quality of the app itself or the experience of the users.


Hiring a freelancing React Native Developer means entrusting your project to an individual while you have less control over it.

Deciding factors:

1) Price: You will pay less to a developer on freelance compared to outstaffing or outsourcing an entire team.

2) Expertise in one area: You can hire a freelancer whose resume and portfolio perfectly fit what you are looking for. Most freelancers expand their skills in one area, which is an advantage when you’re looking for a developer who is an expert in a specific field.

3) Flexible Schedule: A freelancer has a flexible schedule. You can request for a task to be done in a specific amount of time according to the rate you both agreed on. It is also easier communicating and managing a task with a freelancer.

4) Easy to hire: You can find freelancers on many online platforms such as Upwork. You can easily find one that you can hire instead of creating a team to do your task.

Outstaff React Native Developer

An outstaffed React Native team means hiring developers to work on the project while you manage it remotely.

Deciding factors:

1) Full control: The client retains full control over the development process of the software and can easily point out problems regarding the project.

2) Lower rates: Outstaffing is more expensive than hiring a freelancer but also cheaper than outsourcing. The service provider you hired to assign you a developer or an entire team is also responsible for their payroll.

3) Full access: You can check in on any team member regarding his or her role in the software development process. This allows you to manage the process effectively.

4) Flexible hiring model: You can add or decrease the number of React Native developers working on your software, depending on how big your project is.

Outsource React Native Developer

Outsourcing means an entire development team is working on your project with a Project Manager handling the process.

Deciding Factors:

1) Development Team: Outsourcing means that there is an entire team dedicated to working on your project. This team may also serve as your consultants on the best course to take in creating the project. Since this is a team of equally able developers, you will get a lot of advice and tips.

2) Teamwork and Coordination: Hiring an agency to work on your project means that it takes less time stressing about it. Usually, a project manager will handle the task and the team of developers, as well as minor problems that may arise in the creation of the project.

3) Reputable Work: A company would want positive feedback from their clients, so a reputable work is pretty much guaranteed. The development team would work together on your project and as the client, you have a say in changing certain aspects of the task as well as replacing developers whose work does not satisfy you.

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Hire a React Native Developer

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