How to find and hire JavaScript developer

How to find and hire JavaScript developer

Hiring a qualified programmer is not easy and cheap, especially if we speak about JavaScript developers. The high level of competition in the specialized area makes it challenging to find professionals. Choosing the right JavaScript specialist is critical when creating top-notch digital products. If you select the wrong employee, you may experience difficulties adopting the project, which means a loss of capital. Let’s analyze how to hire JavaScript developer to implement your ideas.

Why you should recruit a JavaScript developer

JavaScript (JS) is a computer language that relies on text; it is actively utilized both on the buyer and server edges. Such a structure interacts with multimedia details on online pages and makes them interactive. Specialists can perform many different actions with JS, e.g., improve the user experience and interface, ensure fast response to buyer activity on the page, fetch information from the server, and guarantee dynamic page updates.

You may collaborate with a JavaScript programmer to:

  • Create program architecture and interface to cooperate with external and internal consumers and other interested members.
  • Generate comprehensive, industry-leading systems and products.
  • Develop new ideas, concepts, and designs.
  • Engage with agile development practices, considering best practices and continuing the educational process.
  • Research and create web apps and mobile software to improve the user experience.

According to a study by HackerRank, the global demand for JS exceeds the experience on the market. The organization’s 2022 report found 53.6% of international employers need JavaScript skills, while only 42% of student developers master programming.


We are confident that we have what it takes to help you get your platform from the idea throughout design and development phases, all the way to successful deployment in a production environment!

Categories of JavaScript programmers and their responsibilities

If your team cannot perform without the services of a JS programmer, you may look at specialists who will benefit the JS company most. It all depends on the requirements of your project. You may have decided to launch your interactive educational platform, a mobile gadget application, or create an API to provide user integration with your online page. Consider what professionals firms try to find more often:

Front-end developer

Front-end programmers make individual components of sites and apps that buyers then deal with, applying CSS, HTML, React and JavaScript. Such specialists assist in introducing a unique website design that will operate without errors at any time of the day or night. If you are at the stage of making an online page or setting up a platform, you should utilize the services of a front-end expert.

You should start cooperating with a front-end developer if a back-end specialist is already in the department. User experience, realizing all the subtleties of design, and the ability to turn templates into stylish interfaces are the main requirements for such programmers.

How to find and hire JavaScript developer

Back-end specialists

The back-end developer deals with your site’s inside details hidden from regular users. Such a professional will tell you how to properly manage content, use datasets and ensure the correct activity of the API.

Back-end professionals usually deal with information and processes. They generate the dataset architecture of the platform; that is, they are responsible for the server’s performance. If you have already recruited a front-end specialist or want to invite one, you can begin cooperating with back-end specialists. These programmers must understand Node.JS, develop APIs, and add information to the interface.

Full stack proficient

Full stack JavaScript developer performs operations with external and internal codes and applications. The key profit of such a language is that professionals can quickly write two kinds of code. A full stack programmer usually has significant experience in front-end and back-end JS development.

If you launch the business from square one and don’t plan on collaborating with specialized programmers to make your system’s front or back ends, you should cooperate with a full stack specialist. Such specialists understand dataset architecture and web design but are not experts.

Basic JavaScript programmer abilities

Regardless of the category of professional you want to engage in, some of the vacancy descriptions are similar. Consider the basic skills that JS talents should have:

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS: hypertext markup, while CSS determines the platform’s structure, colors, style, etc. Understanding these basics is essential for any interface designer.
  • Comprehending structures of information and frameworks: professionals need to realize how to systematize insights in a digital product and use different algorithms to work correctly.
  • Working with source code: a professional must not only create codes but also store them and switch between different versions of a digital product.
  • Understanding the properties of the Document Object Model (DOM) is an essential instrument for structuring HTML and CSS on a website.
  • Basic knowledge of test debugging: although testing is part of the QA role, it is vital the JS developer can review the code and make adjustments.

Many employers also pay attention to the social skills of programmers to match the team’s requirements. They often analyze communication and organizational capabilities, the ability to work in a group, and the desire to study.

Possible difficulties in recruiting a JavaScript programmer

There may be some difficulties during hiring, but they can be anticipated and quickly recognized to be avoided or eliminated as they arise.

The main trouble is the lack of specialists with pervasive knowledge and skills who meet all the post requirements. There may be some disagreements in remuneration matters, which would match the job’s volume and level of sophistication.

Given the significant demand for JavaScript proficiencies, competitors are always trying to poach professionals. It makes the recruiting procedures as dynamic and relevant as possible.

The hiring procedure isn’t cheap, so plan in advance each stage and requirements for potential candidates.

Freelancer, in-house, or outsourcing?

Before recruiting a JavaScript developer, it is essential to understand their role in your project. Do you intend to employ their services for a certain period, or would you like to have such specialists on staff permanently? Do you need an employee who will regularly be in the office, or are you satisfied with the option of remote collaboration? Once you comprehend your tactic, you can develop the optimal hiring tactic.


Dealing with such a professional is an optimal variant if you have a small task that needs to be completed as quickly as possible. Consider the standard work pool for a self-employed person:

  • creation of online pages or small sites,
  • adding unique features to mobile applications,
  • improvement and raising the effectiveness of a project.

You may recruit independent workers to take part in large-scale projects, and if they show promising results, you can agree on long-term cooperation with such specialists.

After registering on famous freelance exchanges, you may find fully staffed groups of developers who can successfully handle any project challenge. Another benefit of collaborating with self-employed individuals is that they are not your workers, which saves you from having to pay taxes on them and decreases the spending of the digital system.


Suppose we’re talking about hiring a personal JavaScript programmer. In this situation, the project must be long enough to recoup all overhead costs, including searching for a specialist, adaptation to the working environment, training, vacation, and varied social benefits.

Recruitment is helpful when we speak about durable projects or if you have ideas to make other digital products shortly; otherwise, you risk spending a lot of money that will exceed the contribution of a specialist to your business.

If the JavaScript project ends quickly, you must pay a staff member simply because he is a good person. Besides, suppose you immediately declare that the project will last no more than a year. In that case, a professional developer will unlikely agree to work permanently to look for new vacancies in a few months.

How to find and hire JavaScript developer


The easiest path to hire JavaScript developer is to connect with an outsourcing firm and utilize the services of a dedicated group to adopt the concept. Such a company will provide qualified personnel and all the required technical assets. You only need to describe the conception of a digital solution and approve the terms of reference.

Delegating some of the authority to a third-party enterprise guarantees liberty from recruiting procedures since the specialists in the group have successfully passed the selection organized by the specialized firm.

A primary profit of outsourcing JavaScript web development is the ability to flexibly manage the spending of creating applications by attracting qualified personnel at an affordable price.

How to interview specialists?

After you realize what category of JavaScript professionals you prefer and under what conditions you plan to cooperate with them, you must interview several specialists whose resumes you estimate as the most attractive.

Interviewing jobseekers for a vital position in your JavaScript development company allows you to define applicants’ communication abilities and identify other personal attributes of potential workers. In addition, this lets you guarantee applicants correctly interpret all the requirements. You can also answer any questions JavaScript development experts have.

It is also essential to organize a technical interview or knowledge test. However, such an exam alone will not wholly understand whether a potential employee is a real professional or just someone who learned some language features and then added such proficiency to his CV.

During this test, you may evaluate the candidates’ knowledge of the basics of JavaScript, their understanding of the varied techniques used to solve specific troubles, and their mastery of the syntax. We recommend asking application-specific questions during the exam and encouraging examiners to determine and fix JavaScript issues by exploring a little piece of code.

You should comprehend that even if a specialist solves all technical issues, this does not guarantee that he is perfect for your organization. Therefore, utilize the technical interview as a roadmap to finding the irreproachable person in your department.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to be an expert in computer engineering to hire JavaScript developer. It is vital to make a recruiting strategy in advance so that you can discover candidates with the required knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.

Global Cloud Team (GCT) successfully implements projects in diverse spheres; our specialists are also ready to assist you with JS coding. The company’s digital solutions and mobile programs successfully work in ecommerce, healthcare, education, finance, etc. Tell the experts about the features of the JavaScript project you will adopt, and very soon, it will become available to a broad audience.

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