Alex Johnson


Alex Johnson – Experienced Application Developer

Alex is a freelance technology journalist with a previous commercial background in online marketing. He has spent the last 5 years specialising in covering software application development (desktop and mobile) and core web technologies, he is also fully conversant with the wider technology market.

Alex's Articles(91)

Everything You Should Know about Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have significant potential. With ML, firms and individuals are deploying digi...
28.05.2024 Alex Johnson

Advancing Healthcare: The Role of AI Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry witnesses a remarkable alliance with a powerful new player — AI. From early discovery to final formulati...
20.05.2024 Alex Johnson

AI Robotics: Understanding AI’s Impact on the Field

The robotics industry is currently undergoing transformation. Today, approximately 3 million robots power various sectors around the...
13.05.2024 Alex Johnson

Challenges and Best Practices of Warehouse Automation

Warehouses are undergoing a technological revolution. It turns them from hubs of manual labor to efficient infrastructures. This wav...
09.05.2024 Alex Johnson

Generative AI vs Predictive AI: What are the Distinctions and Applications

The AI universe has been booming lately. On the one hand, genAI comes up with brand-new things, from texts and sounds to pics and ev...
29.04.2024 Alex Johnson

Embracing Automotive Digital Transformation to Accelerate Innovation

The roads are about to get a lot smarter. In the automobile industry, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI advancements p...
22.04.2024 Alex Johnson

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