Main Aspects of Hiring a Perl Developer for Your Project

Main Aspects of Hiring a Perl Developer for Your Project

Qualified digital product developers utilize a variety of programming languages, including Perl, to make hardware as powerful and valuable as possible. Perl appeared in 1987 as a multipurpose coding language to assist in dealing with reports. It has come a long path, becoming several independent structures in 2000 – Perl 5 and 6. Perl is the 29th most popular coding language according to platform Stack Overflow, which has about 100 million monthly users, half of which are professional programmers. The number of Perl programmers is 2.21% among all visitors to the site. Let’s discuss who is a Perl developer and how to recruit a true professional.

Who is a Perl developer, and why should you recruit one

First, it is crucial to define what is a Perl developer. It is a programmer skilled in utilizing the Perl coding language to create web apps. Specialists apply such a structure to generate shell scripts, adopt code related to the dataset, and check and debug code to fix mistakes. Such specialists work with software in various areas, including healthcare, economics, insurance, etc. Consider a few causes why should you hire a Perl developer:

  • Adaptability: such a virtual structure can be utilized for diverse apps connected with web development, information processing, and IT administration. Specialists will create a unique solution that meets the needs of your enterprise.
  • Efficiency: Perl’s popularity is due to its speed and high performance. It is a compiled system that easily handles a massive volume of information. Programmers will create an app that quickly adapts to the most complex tasks.
  • Powerful community: the coding language has operative support, which means many resources are available for specialists, including archives and extensions. Programmers may apply such materials to release optimal digital solutions.

Perl is a supple framework that may manage significant platforms. It is successfully employed by corporations like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo to release unique apps. Net::Amazon::EC2 suggests a Perl interface to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. The Google::Cloud::Speech structure lets you utilize Perl to deal with Google Cloud Speech. Specialists employ a coding language to release an app that easily syncs with your commercial databases.

How to recruit a Perl developer

Nowadays, most companies have code-related needs that demand a specialist to assist in meeting and supporting them. If your firm has an online platform or application, you must improve it regularly to guarantee a flawless user experience. You may decide to remake your digital platform. In such a situation, cooperation with a Perl programmer is indispensable.

Depending on the phase and coverage of your digital solution, you may need the services of one specialist, several programmers, or an entire team to keep your firm afloat. Let’s discuss the key phases of hiring Perl developer.

Evaluate the needs of the enterprise

Before launching the recruiting procedure, it is vital to comprehend what you need. Decide which projects or digital solutions the Perl developer will deal with. Try to analyze some aspects in advance:


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  • Project needs: such a phase allows you to define the technical and communication roles needed to make decisions.
  • Groups scope: deciding whether the specialist will join the Perl development group or work separately is essential. In small firms, such specialists can implement different projects, while in big corporations, they may solve specific problems.
  • Experience level: consider whether you want to deal with a junior or senior Perl programmer. Does the applicant need to have non-standard practice in particular fields or techniques?
  • Technical potential: analyze which skills are principal to your firm. In many current vacancies, you may notice things like experience creating digital products in Perl, understanding the framework, or practicing in related systems, including cloud operations.
  • Communication: the specialist must cooperate with colleagues and comprehend the project’s specifics.

Considering all these criteria, you can write a job description containing the optimal skills, knowledge, and practice. It will interest the proper seekers and weed out aspirants unsuitable for your firm.

Prepare a job description

A precise job description for Perl developer is critical to finding the specialist to your firm’s standards. Ensure such a description contains the complete title of the post, basic information about the company, primary tasks, required duties, responsibilities, and practice. Tell about benefits, e.g., flexible hours or health insurance, to engage the most talented specialists.

In the firm description, you should tell what makes it unique from your competitors. It is crucial to describe the role of a Perl developer briefly. At the same time, liabilities must be explained in detail, informing about daily activities, technology stacks, instruments, and procedures. Let’s take an example of what responsibilities employers most often include in the job description:

  • participation in forming the architecture of advanced applications,
  • Unix or Linux command line,
  • creation of extraordinary code to deal with short- and long-term tasks,
  • adopting defensive programming instruments into critical Perl scripts,
  • requirements study, high-level and precise design,
  • assistance to the customer in task scheduling, etc.

The Perl programmer is responsible for information collection and processing. He can generate, manage and transform datasets and suggest technical support to clients.

Main Aspects of Hiring a Perl Developer for Your Project

Define the wage range

It is crucial to define a rival wage range for the hiring strategy. We recommend organizing market research to comprehend the wage rates of competitors.

According to Stack Overflow, the average annual wage of a Perl developer in 2022 was $90,073, which is higher than professionals using Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, etc. Glassdoor informs that Perl programmers with 1 to 3 years of experience in the United States receive an estimated salary of $107,410 annually.

Availability of benefits, e.g., medical insurance, retirement opportunities, and bonuses, can make your offer more attractive. Ensure your wage matches the required attainments and skills to prevent recruiting overqualified or under-experienced professionals.

Select between internal and external specialists

Before starting your search, you must determine whether you need a specialist who will work in the office or you try to find an independent professional. Remote recruiting provides access to a broader pool of job seekers and can provide capital savings. According to statistics, there are 26.9 million programmers worldwide, of which 4.3 million specialists live in the United States, and more than 66 million are European specialists. In opposition, an in-house expert may provide a more hands-on method and close collaboration but reduces the number of job seekers.

When looking for internal or remote experts, it is necessary to analyze the corporate culture, work standards, and financial opportunities. Examine each variant’s pros and cons and define which suits your enterprise’s short- and long-term goals better.

Comprehend basic skills and abilities of specialists

HR experts recommend precisely explaining all technical skills to find qualified aspirants. Analyzing knowledge, skills, practice, and personal qualities is necessary.

A programmer who knows every Perl programming phase is a key requirement when applying for a post. Other demands also include understanding Linux and UNIX OS and shell scripting. If your firm operates in the database business, ensure the Perl programmer knows how to program in SQL and has practiced with Oracle and MySQL databases. A vital criterion for finding a specialist is knowledge of other coding languages, such as:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails, etc.

Employers who plan to hire Perl developer prefer that their prospective workers have an appropriate education, e.g., bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science, engineering, digital products development, information technologies, etc.

Contrary to existing stereotypes, programmers need excellent interpersonal skills to be successful in their jobs. Let’s look at an instance of what qualities are demanded of a successful and ambitious Perl developer:

  • Communication skills: effective communication ensures that all group participants are on the same wavelength regarding terms, project conditions, expectations, etc.
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence: although programmers spend a lot of time with computers, they should have basic empathy. It also extends to comprehending the point of view of another person who is not a programmer.
  • Creativity: when developers build software, they use non-standard strategies to release technologies that engage users and satisfy customers. Creativity also lets you use unconventional approaches competitors have not heard of.

While technical skills for perl developer define his ability to develop custom digital products, the quality of programs depends on how successfully the department reps interact.

Where you may search for a Perl developer

There are many variants of how to find a Perl specialist. You should utilize employment portals or AI-backed recruiting sites.

Virtual employment portals, e.g., Indeed or Feverr, are a common way to find potential employees. You may estimate a wide range of aspirants, but reviewing applications and resumes can take a long time.

AI-based recruiting platforms automate various stages of recruitment, from reading resumes to choosing optimal job seekers. It makes the recruiting process more straightforward by comparing your requirements in the job description with the practice and skills of the aspirants.

If searching through specialized sites seems too long, you may connect to a programming association and ask members to assist. If you are familiar with other programmers or technicians, they may advise specialists who would perfectly complement your IT department. It is a purposeful method but cannot generate as many applicants as employment portals.

Primary recommendations on how to interview Perl specialist

Once you’ve decided to hire a Perl programmer, it’s crucial to organize the interview properly to select the best candidate. Consider a few recommendations as an example of an effective conversation with the applicant:

  • Begin simply. Ask the other person about their practice with Perl. Offer him to assess his proficiency and talk about projects he has previously implemented. So it will be simpler to estimate his knowledge and skills in programming.
  • Try to dig deeper. Once you have identified the technical potential of the seeker, you need to study more about his ability to cope with stressful situations. Ask him about the most complicated objective he worked on and how he solved the problem. It will assess the talent to think non-standard.
  • Evaluate communication skills. Ask the applicant to explain a sophisticated programming theory in simple words to a non-technical person. This way, you will determine how effectively the candidate may communicate with different specialists.

To date, there are also programs for skills evaluation. You can find simple solutions with tests and complex portals that analyze applicants with AI-ruled techniques. It simplifies recruiting, saves time, and guarantees you interact with a true proficient.

Final words

Firms and individual specialists still adopt Perl. Many software products and apps employ such a coding language to work efficiently. If you are trying to find qualified Perl developers or need a full-fledged dedicated team, contact Global Cloud Team.

Our programmers generate solutions, deliver results and fix technical issues in the short term. They comprehend all aspects of Perl declarations and commands, dataset structure, web development, and information processing. Our specialists have ideal problem-solving skills, optimal teamwork, and comprehension of the advanced trends in the Perl area. If you have an idea of what your digital solution should look like, we can create it.

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