10 features that will make your software better: Creating cool apps

10 features that will make your software better: Creating cool apps

With more and more mobile software available on the market, the competitiveness between each application grows significantly. Only the best get their share of attention and attract broad audiences.

10 features that will make your software better: Creating cool apps

How do you make an engaging app? Follow our tips about the must-have mobile app features below for the highest results!

1. Usability

Ensure your software is easy to understand and very intuitive. Modern users do not wish to spend their time learning difficult things or adapting to uncomfortable interfaces – they are more likely to switch to another app.

Make sure that it is possible to easily navigate through the software, the text and pictures are informative, and everything is simple enough for even an elderly person to understand.

2. Useful notifications

Communicating with customers via notifications is a very good way to keep them updated about new features, price changes, promotions, and reminders about your existence. The best way is to make simple and informative notifications.


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3. Customer support

When customers can interact with a support specialist to solve their issues, this improves their loyalty. People must have the possibility to leave their opinion about the application, send their ideas for improvement, etc.

While there are many other mobile app features that are more important, customer support is a must-have for any software. Good customer service is always valued!

4. Connecting social media

There are different options for implementing this feature. You could provide a possibility to log into a user’s account via social media, share their achievements or publications on Facebook, connect with friends, and more. The sky is the limit.

5. Customization

Everyone likes it when they can customize something so it would suit their taste and needs. The basics of customization include the possibility to choose between a light and dark theme.

However, you can go further and add an option to change graphs, colors, and displayed information, personalize profiles, select interesting topics, or switch buttons. A lot depends on the specifications of your application.

6. Indoor maps

This option is most useful for shops, libraries, gyms, and other businesses that use their applications as an addition to the offline stuff. Indoor maps are a relatively new feature that helps users navigate inside different buildings.

For instance, navigating within a huge shopping mall becomes much easier when you have different app features that let you see a map that pinpoints the locations of everything you need. Museums can use this to show the locations of artifacts, pictures, statues, etc. It is a very good addition to any large building.

7. Payment through the app

A lot of shops and cafes have already implemented this feature. For instance, you can place an order for an item or a meal and pay for it immediately within the application. Once you arrive for your order, you simply take it, and that’s it.

This feature is very similar to PayPass. However, you can also use it for in-app purchases, offline payments, and whatever you can think of.

8. Contacting a representative in one click

It is necessary that your software lets your customers contact a representative of your company in one click. This speeds things up, increases customer loyalty, and makes sure the call can be identified and doesn’t get lost.

While this feature is most important for businesses that require urgent communication methods, it is still a good addition for any other company. Comfort should always be a top priority.

9. Advanced security

Users must know how to create a secure password, use two-step authentication methods, and protect their accounts from unauthorized access. The task of your company is to provide such app features and do everything so that the customer could use them properly.

Data security and privacy must not be neglected.

10. Better analytics

While this feature is mostly required for yourself, it may also be added for customers as a nice-to-have addition.

Your company could use the analytics to monitor the activity of users, see what interests them, on which purchase stage they get stuck, and more.

Adding the analytics feature for your customers could give them a better understanding of how they spend their time within the app, maybe some achievements. There are many apps that cover analytics for social media. It all depends on your business.

10 features that will make your software better: Creating cool apps

The bottom line

Although there are many other app features that can make your software stand out, these are the 10 basic options that must be implemented in order to create quality applications. Do not develop generic applications that clone your competitors. Try being better by solving the problems of your users.

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