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AI for Developers: New Reality

Most of the physical and technological advances of the last decades are based on software. Programs ranging from Netflix home video ...
02.07.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Sentiment Analysis NLP

There are 500 million tweets every day and 800 million active users on Instagram monthly; about 90 percent of such auditory are youn...
01.07.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

How AI Is Improving the Legal Profession

Although the legal industry is quite conservative in terms of introducing new technologies, artificial intelligence has a significan...
30.06.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

AI in Gaming

If you are fond of playing video games, you probably have dealt with artificial intelligence. Whether you like car racing in Need fo...
29.06.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

How Does Machine Learning Work

Machine learning (ML) is a breathtaking branch of artificial intelligence (AI), and it is all around us. Machine learning unlocks th...
28.06.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

How To Use AI For Scheduling

People who work in shifts understand that creating a cumulative staff time plan takes time and effort. The more staff and changes in...
27.06.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

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