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Hiring a Software Developer

Qualified specialists are in demand in the IT industry. It can be a difficult task to hire software developer in the short term. As ...
16.05.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Android App Development: Specifics and where to hire a developer

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. We use maps to navigate, clocks to wake up, and calendars to count th...
08.05.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Top 9 Fintech Trends To Watch In 2023

The fintech landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, particularly as the world transforms to a new scale. The Forbes Financia...
27.04.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Outstaff Development Company

In today’s competitive business landscape, the success of a company depends heavily on the expertise of skilled professionals ...
19.04.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

System Development Life Cycles: Phases, explanations, and methodologies

The software development process, especially when it comes to complex projects, suggests multiple layers of such factors as customer...
21.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) roles and responsibilities

The chief technology officer position is among senior executives in IT companies. A CTO oversees the creation of new services and pr...
16.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

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