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Software Development Costing: How to Estimate and Reduce

If you’re planning on releasing a new product, have you factored in how much time and money you’ll need to spend on the ...
15.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Scrum Development Team: roles, responsibilities, and processes in one guide

The primary goal of creating the Agile Manifesto is to close the gaps of traditional document-oriented and labor-intensive software ...
13.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Types of Digital Enterprise Systems and Their Applications

It seems to reason that there would be a wide range of types of enterprise systems, given the vast number of distinct businesses, go...
07.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

10 Types of Software Development

Have you ever thought about how software is created? When communicating with friends or exchanging photographs, you use programs. Th...
02.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Key Roles and Responsibilities in a Software Development Team

New professions enter the job market every year, and the IT development niche is no exception. However, understanding software devel...
01.02.2023 Eugene Omelchenko

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Developing different applications specific to a company has become the norm for every successful business in today’s world. Whether ...
31.08.2021 Eugene Omelchenko

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