Big data outsourcing: Benefits, locations, companies

Big data outsourcing: Benefits, locations, companies

Adopting big data in 2021 is a new trend that helps companies to remain competitive in the market. Just think of it: 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day and 15% of these queries appear to be new. Manually analyzing such an amount of information is very complicated, so this is where big data steps in.

Big data outsourcing: Benefits, locations, companies

Why you should outsource big data: benefits

Big data outsourcing brings a ton of advantages for businesses. Find out more about them below!

1. It’s much cheaper!

The recent lockdown made outsourcing even more popular, especially in big data. If you’re based in the USA and recently hired a specialist there, you know how much that costs. Why should you pay so much when there is a possibility to hire an expert of the same level from the CIS for a lower price?

The average base pay of a Big Data Engineer in the USA is over $100,000 per year, while in Ukraine, the salary is about $10,000 yearly. Imagine how much money you could be saving all this time!

2. A broader look

Working with an experienced big data outsourcing company like the Global Cloud Team, you are likely to get a better solution for your business. The reason is that such agencies have previously worked with different projects and know what’s best in specific cases.


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Also, you might proceed to the big data development phase after several audits are complete. Almost all tech giants use these to improve their products, provide better services, and analyze various information. You can do even better!

3. Find specialists with ease

According to LinkedIn in 2021, the number of specialists around the US is significantly lower than the available jobs. This means that finding an employee that would work in your office becomes quite challenging. Big data outsourcing solves the case by bringing in the possibility to hire experts from any place around the world.

You shouldn’t search for someone near your office or try to transfer the specialist to your city. All this is simplified by remote work. About 56% of companies already work remotely, at least to some extent. Use the situation to your benefit.

Where to hire an outsource big data specialist?

We’ve already mentioned that the cheapest and most efficient option is hiring someone from the CIS. They are skilled enough and do not request American salaries. The top 3 countries to hire big data experts are:

  • Ukraine;
  • Poland;
  • Romania.

The tech skills of Ukrainians are well-known in many companies. Many universities around the country provide education in data science and teach their students all they need to get qualified for work. LinkedIn shows that there are over 8,000 specialists in 2021.

Poland has got a significantly bigger number of experts – 19,000. They can be easily found on LinkedIn and professional websites where they post their resumes. However, you’d better hurry – such specialists always get plenty of job offers.

Romania’s LinkedIn network shows 8,000 big data professionals. While most of them work at local companies, it is still a good idea to get your HR department to contact them with an offer.

What to pay attention to when choosing a big data partner

Big data outsourcing shouldn’t be a simple short-term project where the specialist won’t even get to know your business. Follow our tips on hiring a partner who will definitely help your business.

1. You need someone who can scale your product

Evident as it is, remember that the specialist must be able to help you both launch and scale the product. This must also be accompanied by cost optimization and business problem-solving.

At the Global Cloud Team, we know what tech stack to use for different big data application development projects. You can contact us at any time for assistance, and our representative will reach out ASAP.

2. Compliance with security policies

Choosing to work with big data outsourcing providers, remember about these policies:

  • ISO 27001 — information security management;
  • PCI DSS — for financial transactions, bank cards, etc.;
  • HIPAA — for medical institutions.

Make sure that you can trust your provider with any project.

3. Previous experience

While there are many skilled beginners, your business needs to find a solution. Past projects are a great way to see how good the specialist is for your company.

The Global Cloud Team has already over 100 projects in different areas, so you can entrust your project to us.

Follow our checklist

When hiring a big data specialist, we recommend that you follow our checklist.

  • Former experience;
  • Knowledge of and compliance with security policies;
  • Future prospects;
  • Salary level;
  • Knowledge of cloud-based tools;
  • Knowledge of Java or Python;
  • Other skills.

Use this list when interviewing a candidate so you wouldn’t forget anything important.

The bottom line

Big data application development requires a lot of analysis, preparations, and, most importantly, a skilled expert. The solution must help your business. Therefore, it is best if you work with a trusted provider.

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