Cross-Platform App Development: How to get the app of your dream

Cross-Platform App Development: How to get the app of your dream

The best way to create a popular and functional application is by developing it for different operating systems. Such an approach will draw more users to your software and give them the possibility to enjoy your apps on various devices. But how do you develop a cross-platform program?

Cross-Platform App Development Guide. Learn All About Crossplatform Development

What is Cross-Platform Application Development?

Cross-platform apps development is the creation of one program that is compatible with different operating systems instead of making a separate version for each.

By choosing this option, the company reduces expenses and speeds up the development process. Moreover, it is easier to deploy updates and involve a larger audience.

Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform App Development

Before proceeding, it is necessary that you get acquainted with both the positive and negative sides of this kind of development. This will provide a better insight into whether you need it or not.


  • Faster development

All the programmer does is writes a single script for all platforms. However, s/he should make sure it works properly on all the platforms that are going to be involved.


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  • Reduced development costs

Although you might have to pay a bit more for the creation of a cross-platform product, it will still be significantly cheaper than writing a separate code for each OS.

  • Bigger audience

The market is very huge, and people use different operating systems in their everyday life. Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux – imagine that your software covers all these. It is a great boost.

  • Easy update deployment

If everything is written with one script, then creating updates for all the versions will not be a difficult task. This also contributes to speed and reduced development costs.


  • Issues with changing platforms

When an app is developed within a platform, it usually uses its own subset of JavaScript. This might make your code unusable once a framework is changed.

  • Possible integration problems

You might face some difficulties when it comes to the implementation of local settings and notifications. It might be necessary to connect a third-party cloud service so your app would work with these as well.

  • Slower updates

Supposing a new update is released for Android devices. All the frameworks will have to update too so that their usage would be possible within the platform.

  • User experience

It is necessary that your app is properly adapted to each platform. Otherwise, you might end up like Facebook that had to develop a separate native app for Android devices after many complaints from users.

  • Slower code

The more code, the harder it is to optimize it. On one platform, huge parts might not be required at all. On another platform, it could be vice-versa. Therefore, the application becomes slower.

  • Fewer features

With cross-platform apps, do not expect to have a full list of features as is the case with creating a native app.

What are the best cross-platform frameworks?

It looks like you are still interested in developing a cross-platform application. Well, then we have also prepared a list of several frameworks that will prove useful.

React Native

React Native is the most popular framework in 2019 and 2020. This is a JavaScript-based framework that is designed for the creation of Android and iOS software. With Facebook being its developer, it is no wonder that this technology is so popular.

The framework has got a ton of benefits, but the most noticeable are:

  1. Live code change monitoring.
  2. Usage of third-party plugins.
  3. Simple interface that allows the creation of user-friendly mobile UIs.
  4. Considered to be the most stable option.


The best framework for creating efficient web apps is thought to be Flutter. It was created by Google in 2018 and is the second by popularity after React Native. The benefits of these platforms are:

  1. A possibility to make quality user interfaces thanks to many available widgets and visual elements.
  2. Very quickly customized animations.
  3. Live code changes without the need to save during each step.


This framework was also developed by Google. However, it is designed for progressive web app creation, meaning that it is slightly different from the two previous options. Angular uses TypeScript and HTML to make single-page apps.

Why is it good?

  1. HTML documents conversion to dynamic content.
  2. Immediate changes in the app’s model.
  3. A friendly community that always helps if needed.

Cross-Platform App Development Guide. Learn All About Crossplatform Development

Where to Hire a Cross-Platform App Developer?

So, now you’ve decided to find a specialist for your project but do not know where this can be done. Worries aside, we have prepared some material on this topic as well.


The fastest way to hire a cross-platform app developer is by visiting several websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiver. Although it seems to be a good option, there are many pitfalls. The developers are not always skilled enough, the platforms charge a fee for their usage, and it is likely that all deadlines will be skipped.


The best option to get a qualified cross-platform app developer is by contacting the GlobalCloudTeam for assistance. With over 450 technology professionals, it is guaranteed that a specialist for your project will be found right away.

In addition, the company provides up to 40% reduced R&D costs and 100% deadline compliance. All these advantages were proven in over 100 completed projects in various fields. Check them out on our website!

What now?

You already know about the benefits brought by cross-platform development and where to hire a qualified developer, so what are you waiting for? The faster you contact the GlobalCloudTeam, the quicker you’ll get an application that outstands your competitors!

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