Hybrid App Development: Everything you should know

Hybrid App Development: Everything you should know

When a web application is blended with a native app, it turns into a hybrid application. The main part is written for the web-version and then it is wrapped up in the native one. But what comes from this blend?

What is Hybrid App Development? A Guide to Mobile Apps Development

What is a Native App?

A native application is a program that is created with the help of a native language of a specific platform. For instance, for Android, these would be Java or Kotlin, while for iOS these would be Swift or Objective-C. It all depends on the platform you aim to conquer.

The major advantage of developing such software is that you get full access to the features provided by the OS and devices that operate within it. Moreover, it often happens that native software works faster due to its compatibility with the device.

Nevertheless, the biggest disadvantage is that a native application cannot be used on other platforms. If you create a program for Android, it won’t work on iOS. This creates additional expenses and consumes more time, including for future updates.

What is a Web App?

A web application is a program that is created with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and is available on all operating systems. However, these only work when they are launched through a web browser.


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By developing an application that only works through the browser, you restrict yourself from the usage of many features. It is impossible to get the user’s contacts, phone settings, or any other information that you might need. Of course, now you can get GPS data and use the camera, but that is not enough.

The greatest challenge is making the interface. It is nearly impossible to adapt it to all the devices and all the elements should be created from scratch. Therefore, a separate usage of web applications brings far too many restrictions.

So what’s a Hybrid App?

A hybrid application is a combination of web and native apps. The foundation of the software is created using the tools offered by web applications (HTML, CSS, etc), and it is implemented in a native program. Technically, you get an app that combines the features of both.

What is Hybrid App Development? A Guide to Mobile Apps Development

You might be wondering how this works. These points should clarify things a bit:

  1. The core is written with HTMS, CSS, or JavaScript.
  2. It is packed in a native app with a better UI.
  3. It runs within a browser that comes with a native app, but it’s invisible to the user.

Remember applications such as Gmail, Twitter, Instagram? Well, all these are hybrids too. They all work on the same technology, so there is nothing bad about creating your own app.

How to develop a Hybrid Application?

If you really want to create software like this, you should use one of the available options to hire a hybrid app developer. This can be done in several ways.

Hire a freelance Hybrid App developer

There are hundreds of developers who will eagerly take your project on websites like Upwork or Fiver. However, there is no guarantee that these people are really the professionals they state to be. It often happens that they lack skills, do not follow any agreements, and skip deadlines.

Work with the GlobalCloudTeam

With over 450 qualified experts, the GlobalCloudTeam has successfully completed over 100 projects in different fields. All these can be found on the main page of our website. The company makes sure that a reliable team is allocated for your project and does its best to fulfill your requests.

In addition to that, you get up to 40% reduced R&D costs, reasonable pricing, and constant support from the developers. All you need to take advantage of these benefits is to leave a message in the contact form on the main page of the website.

What now?

Are hybrid applications really that good? This solely depends on your requirements. Each type of software has its own tasks, so make sure you get acquainted with all the available features before proceeding to the development phase.

Get a precise idea of your project, calculate the pros and cons of each app type, write down your plan, and only then you are going to be ready to be ahead of your competitors.

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