How to hire a Java Developer

How to hire a Java Developer

If you want to create something similar to Spotify, Twitter, or Signal, then you should find a qualified Java developer. Doing this is a quest of a kind because it is always hard to find a skillful specialist. People may boast about their skills and in the end, it will just turn out that they are nothing more than beginners searching for any project for their portfolio.

We shall tell you where it is possible to hire a developer on the internet and what you should be aware of by doing so.


The simplest and, by far, the cheapest method to hire a Java developer is via freelance. Many specialists of all kinds start their careers from here. Some of them learn a lot of new skills and remain working in the field as real experts. These are the ones that need to be working on your serious projects.

Hiring a freelance Java developer is possible via freelancing platforms, social media, agencies, and other similar places. Signing contracts or agreements is not always required, and it completely depends on the specialist you plan to work with. However, note that using specific platforms to hire freelancers is one of the safest options that minimizes all chances of being scammed.

Advantages of hiring a freelance Java developer:

  • You get the cheapest rates.
  • You can check the portfolio and reviews.
  • An easy hiring model is available when using a platform.
  • You can just set your terms, and people will apply themselves.

Disadvantages of hiring a freelance Java developer:


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  • There is a possibility of getting scammed.
  • The portfolio might be fake.
  • Freelance platforms charge a fee.

How to Hire a Java Developer

Outstaff Java Developer

Another way of hiring a new team member is outstaffing. This is considered to be the most tax-efficient model in most countries. The trick is that although you get a developer who works for you, he is officially employed in another company, more often an outstaffing agency. You pay the agency for services provided, while it pays its staff the salary and bonuses.

Hiring an outstaff Java developer is possible via outstaffing agencies. However, you need to make sure you check their reviews and agree on all the terms before signing any agreements. This might prevent any unexpected situations.

Pros of hiring an outstaff Java developer:

  • Lower rates
  • Fewer tax issues
  • A dedicated team member
  • Flexibility in the hiring model.

Cons of hiring an outstaff Java developer:

  • Possible communication issues, so make sure you choose the proper channels
  • Higher management efforts
  • More responsibility on your side.

Outsource Java developer

If outstaffing does not sound good enough because of the mediators in the face of the agency, you can try out outsourcing. Technically, this is when you hire a specialist without any mediators to work remotely for the project. This is similar to freelancing, but in this case, the employee works on a regular basis.

It is a regular practice that outsourcers work without contracts or printed agreements. However, in this case, be ready to pay for each milestone or completed task in order to make things comfortable for both parties. Nobody wants to be scammed.

Advantages of hiring an outsource Java developer:

  • 100% responsibility on the developer’ side
  • Minimized management efforts
  • Lower costs (no need to provide equipment)
  • Faster development.

Disadvantages of hiring an outsource Java developer:

  • Higher rates
  • Less control
  • A possibility of data leakage
  • A chance to get low-quality code.

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How to Hire a Java Developer

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