Hiring an Angular Developer: Everything you need to know

Hiring an Angular Developer: Everything you need to know

Angular is an open-source client-side framework that is used to develop web applications. Many famous apps and websites like PayPal, Netflix, and UpWork were created using this platform.

How to Hire an Angular Developer

Hiring an Angular developer is somewhat tricky if you do not know anything about the industry overall. We shall cover some important topics, like how Angular differs from AngularJS, the roles of a developer, what this specialist is responsible for, and what skills they must have.

AngularJS vs Angular: What’s the difference?

AngularJS is the first version of this framework that was launched in 2010 by Google. It was used to create applications that worked on a single HTTP page with CSS and Javascript. This framework uses the MVC template to simplify the creation and testing of apps and websites.

How to Hire an Angular Developer

Angular is the modern version, which was launched in 2020. The service has already got several updates, and this means that its developers are working hard to provide the best software. It is a TypeScript front-end framework with an open-source code. It has many differences from its old version. Some of its advantages are modularity, dynamic loading, reactive programming, and improved efficiency.


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What should an Angular developer do?

Before a new team member is chosen, you should understand what this developer can do and why you need one. Angular specialists have their own tasks in a team, so we shall cover some of them to clarify things a bit.


One of the major assignments of a specialist in this field includes the development of the client-side of the app. This means that they build a UI service for all the software they create. Basically, this is the part you see when the software is used. The developers in this area usually start with creating modules and components, after what they connect them to create a usable application.

The specialist shouldn’t just be an expert in the framework, they must also have practical skills in working with other tools for front-end development. If an application with only one page must be created, then a specialist in Angular and other JS frameworks is needed.

It also often occurs that the Angular specialist has to work together with a back-end developer. This will let both experts prevent adding bugs and delaying projects. These two specialists have to be aware of each other’s work and sometimes need to communicate about the project.


Specialists in Angular are responsible for many different things. They are listed below.

  • Front-end

First of all, this is the creation of the front-end. This is the interface a user sees when they work with the software. It needs to be made in a way that is efficient and comfortable for the user.

  • Languages

Second, the specialist has to know different languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and others. The written code must be well-optimized and should meet all standard requirements. Also, there must be a possibility to test it automatically.

  • Building RESTful APIs

Third, the expert must be able to build RESTful APIs. This involves teamwork with the back-end developer. Together, they make sure that their products meet all the requirements from the employer and the regulatory authorities.

  • Unit testing

Fourth, an Angular developer is obliged to perform tests after each significant change. Regular testing is important because it helps to prevent unwanted bugs, fix errors, and make sure everything works together before it becomes too difficult to find the error.

  • Working with external data sources and APIs

Fifth, the specialist must be skillful enough to confidently use external data sources and APIs. This is required when information from third-party services has to be extracted.

  • Fixing bugs

Also, Angular developers, just like any others, must fix all the bugs in their code as fast as possible. It may also be needed that they check someone else’s code, so they should be good at reading codes too.

  • Always learning something new

Finally, a good Angular developer should always learn as much as possible about their field. They can acquire new skills, improve existing skills, and work with up-to-date software.

What should you know to hire a good Angular developer?

Before you start looking for a new member for your team, it is recommended that you read the following points.

  1. Define the required Angular version

Each version provides various possibilities, so you should be aware of which one is good enough to complete your task. Do not forget to write each detail about the project. Specify what would you like to see as the final result, what are the deadlines, etc.

  1. Provide detailed descriptions for your projects

High-level developers value their time, so just writing to them that you need a developer and not explaining anything right away will not do the trick. Make sure your message includes all the terms including the requirements, responsibilities, terms, and payment. Also, include the applied technologies for the specialists to understand what they will have to deal with.

  1. Evaluate soft skills

Although this does not apply to everyone, people with good soft skills are more likely to work efficiently in a team. Talk to the candidate, ask about their previous experience, their view on the project, their skills.

Skills of an Angular developer

Focusing on just one thing isn’t practical enough. A wide number of skills is required to be successful. However, you should never forget that there are specialists of different levels. Therefore, if your project is not too difficult, you can even hire a junior developer for the task.

How to Hire an Angular Developer

In the picture above, the basic skills of an Angular developer are shown. These include HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SPA building, good knowledge of the framework, the ability to create modules and components, etc. The list is quite large.

If your task is more difficult than the average, it is better to work with senior developers who have a lot of experience and have already acquired a wider number of skills. The picture below covers part of the required knowledge.

Hire an Angular Developer

The bottom line

Hiring a new developer without having any knowledge in the field is always a complicated task. You need to know something about the framework itself, must be able to set goals and requirements, and also interview the candidates. This takes away a lot of time and energy, so it is better if you leave this job to the Global Cloud Team. Our specialists will do everything for you.

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