Tips on How to Hire the Best Golang Developer

Tips on How to Hire the Best Golang Developer

Developers fluent in the Go programming language are in great demand because of the breadth of experience and expertise they offer to project. Golang is a modern programming language that is well-suited to certain kinds of work because of its distinctive characteristics. Let’s find out what is a Golang developer and how to find the best one for your team.

Junior vs. middle vs. senior Golang developer

As we understand, Golang developers are the specialists who are responsible for creating and maintaining applications written in Golang. Depending on the needs of your project, you can hire junior, middle, or senior specialists. The difference lies not only in their salary:

  • Junior Go developers are typically those who have recently graduated from a coding boot camp or just started to learn the language. They’re familiar with basic coding concepts and the syntax of Golang.
  • Middle developers have some experience in the language and can work on larger projects but may not be as proficient as those with more experience. They’re able to produce clean and efficient code and may have some experience with web frameworks such as Gin, Martini, and Echo.
  • Senior developers have the most experience and are able to work on complex applications. They’re proficient in all aspects of Golang and can work on multi-tier applications, microservices, and distributed systems. They’re also able to debug and optimize code to improve performance. Senior developers can also mentor juniors and guide best practices.

Golang developers are essential members of any software development team. Their expertise in coding and methods ensures that servers are scalable and large software systems are working smoothly.

5 tips to follow when hiring the Golang developer

To get your project up and running fast, evolve a Golang developer. The hiring process is similar to onboarding other specialists. But there are some features you should pay attention to.

  1. Research the experience. Companies should look for candidates who have experience developing with Golang and have the necessary technical skills to succeed. This includes writing idiomatic code, understanding the language’s design and principles, and using Go’s standard library and third-party packages effectively.
  2. Assess the knowledge of other related technologies, such as microservices, databases, distributed systems, and web development. A good Golang developer should be able to work with these technologies and be familiar with best practices.
  3. Evaluate communication and problem-solving skills. This includes effectively communicating their ideas to team members and stakeholders. Look at their thinking ability, analysis of data, and troubleshooting problems.
  4. Conduct an interview. During the conversation, ask about the candidate’s experience and technical knowledge. Questions should also focus on the candidate’s soft skills and ability to work in a team environment.
  5. Conduct a technical assessment. This assessment should test the candidate’s knowledge of the language and its libraries, as well as the ability to write, change and debug the code.

Everything seems simple, but each step requires preparation and cooperation with the development team, as HR lacks knowledge about Go specifics.

Tips on How to Hire the Best Golang Developer


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How to test Golang developer skills

Testing a Golang developer can be a challenging task. It requires a thorough understanding of the language and the development environment. Here are some tips for conducting a technical assessment for Golang developers:

  • Ask the developer to explain the basics of the language. Ask questions about the structure of the language and how it works. This should give you an idea of their level of knowledge.
  • Prepare a problem piece of code and test the developer’s ability to debug it. The aim is to see how they approach it.
  • Test the ability to write code. Ask candidates to write a program or a function and examine their approach.
  • Ask to explain the different types of data structures and algorithms used in Golang.
  • Test the developer’s understanding of distributed systems and networking.
  • Evaluate the knowledge of security and cryptography techniques.

These are just some of the ways it is possible to test a Golang developer. It’s important to understand the skillset before you hire the specialist. With the right tests, you’ll be able to find the best Golang developer for your project.

What to choose hiring or outsourcing

If you are planning to build a product using the Golang programming language, you have two main options: hire Golang developer or outsource the task to a Golang development company.

Hiring is a great option if you need someone with specific expertise or if you want to maintain longer-term cooperation. However, this option is pricey and time-consuming, especially if you need to hire multiple developers.

Outsourcing the development is a great choice if you need the project to be completed quickly and cheaper. It opens access to experienced developers who can work on various projects and have the necessary skills to do the job.

Whether to hire or outsource Golang development depends on your needs and resources. If you decide to launch your project quickly without additional issues, Global Cloud Team is here to help you.

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