IT consulting rates in 2022 – What are the rates and fees?

IT consulting rates in 2022 – What are the rates and fees?

IT consultant services play a vital role in the processes of any modern business. They assist in many ways, bringing improvements, and leading the company forward. However, everything comes at a price.

In this article, we shall discuss the IT consulting rates, the meaning of these services, and how much companies are ready to spend. Read on for more!

What is IT consulting?

This is a new job in the Information Technology industry. An IT consultant helps companies apply different solutions to achieve certain goals. Some areas where this specialist can help include:

  • Security;
  • Network architecture;
  • System analysis;
  • Information presentation, and others.

Basically, this is a job that applies modern solutions to drive innovations in companies.

A consultant gives professional advice and, reasonably, provides various strategies to help. While this is a very blank description, it is necessary to remember that IT consulting covers a whole variety of areas.

What should you know about IT consulting rates?

The IT consulting rates are very variable, changing depending on many factors. For example, the price might be significantly different based on your country, industry, business size, the consultant’s experience, and multiple other aspects.


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Some companies think that having a developer is the same thing as hiring a consultant. Although both specialists cover technical details, a consultant is far better at advising and analyzing. Everyone is great in their specialty, so businesses shouldn’t cut costs on staff.

The average cost of IT support services per hour is about $100. You may find specialists ready to work for $50 and those who charge at least $1,000. The pricing varies, so you must evaluate each option from an individual standpoint.

IT consulting rates based on company size

There are four types of companies defined in consulting. The software consultant’s hourly pay is often defined by the business’s size.

1. Small

A small company is one that needs 2-10 employees to solve its issues. Such businesses often collaborate with startups, other companies and try to produce new products.

The hourly rates are usually $50 – $150 per hour, depending on the expertise of the hired specialist. A project may cost from $10,000 and right up to half a million.

In addition, it is also reasonable that such companies need consultants who specialize in a certain area. Several examples are UI design, web development, Android development, and others.

2. Medium

A medium company is one with up to 100 employees. Again, this is a good starting point for getting an experienced consultant at a reasonable price.

Of course, there is more work to do, so the IT consulting rates grow a bit. The average pay varies between $150 – $200 per hour. At the same time, the project costs can reach $5 million. Do you want to know how to reduce the expenses? Hire specialists from the Global Cloud Team!


A large company is one with up to 1,000 specialists. These involve big industrial corporations that cover an enormous range of activities. Such companies charge even more than five million dollars for a project, so it is best if you discuss the terms individually. The hourly rate may reach up to $300.

4. Gigantic

An enterprise-level company covers almost all industries. But, as you may have guessed, the rates are much higher – up to $100 million per project or $1,000 hourly. Such businesses often work with governmental structures because they are the most trusted.

Average IT consulting rates by industry

It is reasonable to say that the industry is one of the most important determiners of the price. Some examples are provided below.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is a very responsible industry, so the specialists have to work hard to meet all the requirements and regulations. Medical IT consultants charge around $300 per hour. The price depends on the specialist’s experience, education, and knowledge of the industry.

2. Education

The educational area is also important, although consultants charge a bit less. You’ll generally be asked to pay $200 per hour. For this price, you get a whole lot of services, including analytics, advice, and others.

3. Logistics

Logistics is part of almost all industries. Entities get goods that logistical companies deliver, so consulting here is also necessary. The rates are around $250 per hour. However, you may also find cheaper rates.

Which country provides the best IT consulting services?

Each country has many IT consultants. However, there is no correlation between their expertise and the government where they live. You may get high rates and a high level of experience in the USA, while cheaper costs and the same level of expertise can be offered by specialists from Ukraine.

It all depends on your industry and requirements. If you’re not sure, contact the experts at the Global Cloud Team. There are hundreds of specialists who can help with all kinds of tasks. Contact us now!

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