Alex Johnson


Alex Johnson – Experienced Application Developer

Alex is a freelance technology journalist with a previous commercial background in online marketing. He has spent the last 5 years specialising in covering software application development (desktop and mobile) and core web technologies, he is also fully conversant with the wider technology market.

Alex's Articles(94)

Comprehensive Guide to API Management: Maximizing Efficiency

API management is a unique way for companies to control how and when other people or applications use their APIs. Like keys that ope...
23.10.2023 Alex Johnson

AI in Manufacturing: The Impact on the Industry Transformation

The 21st century marks the age of artificial intelligence and ML. Industrial manufacturers utilize these technologies worldwide to o...
19.10.2023 Alex Johnson

Unlocking Business Potential: The No-Code AI Revolution

Efficiency and innovation are at the heart of your success in the IT industry. Forward-thinking ventures are putting a lot of effort...
16.10.2023 Alex Johnson

Managed Cloud Services: Tips on Choosing the Best Provider

Finding the best managed cloud service supplier nowadays might be a daunting task. An organization can hasten the adoption of public...
13.10.2023 Alex Johnson

Chatbot for Education: What Is It and Why Is It Important

According to the report of the World Economic Forum, by 2025 AI will have replaced 85 million jobs globally. Even while there is a s...
26.09.2023 Alex Johnson

10 Reasons to Choose Kotlin Development Company for Your Project

Creating mobile applications is pivotal among ventures. Nowadays, companies are seeking particular strategies to have a head start o...
20.09.2023 Alex Johnson

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