Alex Johnson


Alex Johnson – Experienced Application Developer

Alex is a freelance technology journalist with a previous commercial background in online marketing. He has spent the last 5 years specialising in covering software application development (desktop and mobile) and core web technologies, he is also fully conversant with the wider technology market.

Alex's Articles(94)

What are Azure DevOps services, and how can they benefit your business?

Businesses face many challenges during the software development process, from finding specialists and setting tasks to managing team...
03.04.2023 Alex Johnson

What is C# web development and its best practices

To evaluate the effectiveness of each web development process, it is essential to estimate not only the final product but also the s...
27.03.2023 Alex Johnson

Guide on how to find the best Node.js developer

The IT environment is actively changing. Node.js developers are in high demand, as they are capable of creating powerful, server-sid...
21.03.2023 Alex Johnson

Tips on How to Hire the Best Golang Developer

Developers fluent in the Go programming language are in great demand because of the breadth of experience and expertise they offer t...
14.03.2023 Alex Johnson

Why Choose Full Stack Web Development for Your Business?

In today’s digital world, web development has become vital to any organization. The need for efficient software engineering ha...
06.03.2023 Alex Johnson

Everything you should know about CI CD Pipeline

Recently, CI/CD techniques have evolved from a highly specialized topic to a fundamental approach to creating and delivering program...
28.02.2023 Alex Johnson

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