Alex Johnson


Alex Johnson – Experienced Application Developer

Alex is a freelance technology journalist with a previous commercial background in online marketing. He has spent the last 5 years specialising in covering software application development (desktop and mobile) and core web technologies, he is also fully conversant with the wider technology market.

Alex's Articles(94)

Digital transformation tools: How to digitize workflow and drive business to success

In today’s competitive business world, standing still is the same as going backward. A company that doesn’t innovate wil...
14.06.2023 Alex Johnson

Top 6 cloud backup services for business data protection

“Who owns the information, he owns the world” – that is such a true saying. Just think of those unfortunate people who f...
02.06.2023 Alex Johnson

Maximizing potential: How web development services can boost your business

Whenever we surf through the Internet, we encounter countless products of software development: operating systems, websites, and mob...
26.05.2023 Alex Johnson

Software development outsourcing companies: Best way to optimize your business

Outsourcing is no longer an unknown term as it was a decade ago. Numerous companies today depend on outsourcing specialists. There i...
24.05.2023 Alex Johnson

Your comprehensive guide on how to build a blockchain

Every decade, we gain special instruments that change the trajectory of our abilities to develop businesses and offer more complex s...
17.05.2023 Alex Johnson

Choosing the perfect CRM for your startup: a comprehensive guide

In the ever-evolving startup ecosystem, fostering developed customer relationships to gain long-term success is so important. Custom...
10.05.2023 Alex Johnson

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