Conventional outstaffing vs. smart outstaffing

Conventional outstaffing vs. smart outstaffing

In today’s world, distance is becoming less of a factor in the workforce. Small businesses and large corporations can hire staff online; outsourcing has become commonplace in many areas.

Outsourcing has long been popular in the IT industry. The specifics of industry have formed several types of outsourcing, the most popular of which is outstaffing. Let’s discuss what outstaffing is, its advantages, and how to start the interaction.

The comparison of conventional and smart outstaffing

Outstaffing is one of the forms of remote hiring. A dedicated team of IT specialists is provided by a third-party company involved in developing, testing software, or solving other tasks. Terms of outstaffing teamwork are determined by the contract. The employer fully controls the performance of a new team or individual specialist.

Consider the critical information about each type of outstaffing services.

Conventional outstaffing

Smart outstaffing


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  • You get a specialist who meets the requirements specified in the request.
  • You can rely on the knowledge and skills of only those employees who were hired under the contract.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with a partner with the right technical expertise.
  • You will independently manage the activities of the team.
  • Outstaffing analysts will evaluate a project potential and highlight the main priorities at this stage. The company will provide specialists, taking into account the specifics of your business.
  • You will have the knowledge and skills of the entire organization at your disposal. You can consult on any issue related to software development.
  • You may cooperate with a specialist with the necessary qualifications and experience in business processes.
  • You can manage the project yourself or use the services of a dedicated manager.

Smart outstaffing is a relatively new concept. Its principles are similar to a Smart money term in investment. Choosing such a method the company invests not only in creating a product or solution but also in knowledge and skills. Organizations that use smart outstaffing minimize the risk of mistakes thanks to a high level of staff expertise.

Conventional outstaffing vs. smart outstaffing

Main advantages of smart IT outstaffing

A dedicated team is a good decision at any company activity stage. If a product goes from POC to MVP to prototype, you need to take care of additional support and cost optimization. Hiring employees on the terms of smart outstaffing will ensure the rapid growth of the individual product and the entire company. Such a service has other benefits:

  • Saving resources on HR: no need to waste time searching for employees and checking their qualifications; the outstaffing company will find the necessary specialists.
  • Ease of management: there is no need to solve the problems of vacations, sick leave, or payroll.
  • Effective collaboration: the outstaffing model allows you to scale your business quickly, hire and fire employees, and control the quality of their work.

The only drawback of this form of interaction is the possible difficulties in communication between employees and the company. A new person needs time to understand all the intricacies of the project, which can affect the work’s timing.

Critical stages of cooperation with outstaffing organization

Today you can quickly and easily hire a professional team through the website of the specialized organization. To do this, you will have to go through several stages, from the contact the outstaffing company and searching for specialists to the triumphant launch of the project:

  • Drafting requirements. As a rule, the hiring process takes 2-4 weeks; it depends on the project’s complexity level and what kind of specialists you need. You can ask for help from tech recruits to speed up the process.
  • Resumes and contracts. The search for options begins when the company receives requirements regarding the team’s qualifications, size, and structure. The customer can only choose which options suit him best.
  • Launch of the project. When the team is created, it remains to integrate it into your company to make business function quickly and without problems. Managers of the outstaffing organization are ready to work closely with clients so that the team of professionals adapts to a job as soon as possible and the project is launched promptly and transparently.

Outstaffing is a good option for companies with a shortage of qualified employees if they do not want to deal with freelancers. The differences between conventional and smart outstaffing are minimal.

Intelligence services are most often chosen by business owners who plan to work with specialists for an extended period and want to gain maximum knowledge and skills to improve their products.

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