Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Developing different applications specific to a company has become the norm for every successful business in today’s world. Whether you need to develop a specific training application for your staff, create a portal for them to log hours on, or create an app to help sell your product, finding a development team for these projects is essential. 

Getting the right developers for each job can be challenging. Finding the right individuals who are going to be dedicated, hard-working, focused on your project, and meeting deadlines can be challenging. The market is saturated on all sides, work is plenty and there are workers to meet the demand. Because of this, dedicated development teams become the choice for many businesses. 

Below, we will go over the meaning of a dedicated development team, what positives and negatives each have, and which model is best for your company. 

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

What is a Dedicated Team?

A dedicated team is a group of specialists that aren’t individually hired by your company as employees but hired as a group from a different company. This is similar to outsourcing but can be minimally different. 

A dedicated team is a group that you hire that works full time on your projects alone. They are hired by your company and can be thought of as employees for the duration of the project. They aren’t freelancers, they don’t work part-time, and they are therefore 100% interested in getting the best results from your business. 

A dedicated team is usually hired from a company that commissions these dedicated teams out. This means that you interact with someone who you can communicate your vision with, that person then takes it to the team and manages that team. You do not have to manage them, you do not have to worry about payment methods, you pay for a service and get the service as it comes. 

These points all come together to make for an effective and focused dedicated development team. Each employee has your company and your project on their mind alone and is working on it fully. You don’t need to manage this team, you are free to keep focused on your business.


We are confident that we have what it takes to help you get your platform from the idea throughout design and development phases, all the way to successful deployment in a production environment!

Advantages of a Dedicated Development Team

1. Cost-effectiveness

If your project is big enough, hiring an entire team rather than finding each employee, interviewing them, taking them onto your staff, and paying them is far more expensive and time-demanding than hiring a team that is already made and has done jobs together.
If your project isn’t large enough for an entire team, hiring a freelancer is a good alternative.

2. Elevated focus

Getting a big project done can take a lot of time. It can take even longer if the team has any distractions already built-in. These distractions can come in the form of teams not working well together, other projects that are on developers’ minds, or a number of other things that could hinder the speed of a project.

3. Better Communication

Finding and building a team yourself is not easy. Buying a team that is pre-made and has worked together before saves you from the headache of creating a team from scratch. Hiring a team that knows each other, knows their role in the team, and already has built a level of rapport with their team will be able to communicate and execute on projects significantly better than a fresh team that one put together recently.

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Development Team

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Development Team all have to do with not understanding the scope of your project. If you have a good understanding of what your project requires, you will increase your chances of making a good decision. That said, here are the disadvantages: 

1. Short-term projects aren’t cost-effective

Dedicated teams are not nearly as effective or smart when it comes to short-term projects. Determining the size of your project is something that you can consult a professional about, and if you are unsure how difficult a project could be, this would be a good idea.

2. You might hire a team that doesn’t have the right experience

Hiring a team might make the project easier on a larger scale, and when it comes to most things, a dedicated development team will still benefit you in the long run. That said, finding the right team can be a challenge and may not be time-efficient.

Work With Global Cloud Team

We at Global Cloud Team have combined the best parts of a dedicated development team to give you the best experience in the fastest way possible. We have a wide range of teams that are all experienced in different areas and have completed a number of different large-scale projects. 

If you’re unsure about hiring an entire team for your development project, consider the possible drawbacks if you don’t hire the right team the first time. Is the risk worth it? Work with Global Cloud Team today. 



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