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About the company

Our client is a rapidly expanding hosting business that caters its services to different target segments, including webmasters, design studios, and web developers. They provide cost-effective and dependable web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The business provides domain registration, web hosting, VPS hosting, gaming servers, and site builder tools. The team, consisting of whizzkids worldwide, works with the most advanced software and potent servers. With its hosting services, the company promises the best network performance. They can brag about its 4Tb/s bandwidth, regular backups, lightning-fast SSD storage, and robust web server. Moreover, their clients can benefit from free SSL certificates.

The Challenge:

Facing the challenge of improving the quality of customer service and enhancing the productivity of the support team, our client tried to overcome the difficulty by reorganizing internal procedures or assigning duties. Over time, it became clear that these actions were not giving the planned results, so the team opted to use AI-powered solutions. It would enable them to allocate their time more effectively, maximizing productivity of human resources while leaving more accessible work to AI algorithms.

"Our team takes on out-of-the-box projects that call for solutions that many businesses can't handle. However, as our company expanded and the number of requests rose, so did the pressure on staff. Each agent had a lot of tedious work on their plate. The department's work suffered as a result of this circumstance. The AI-powered chatbot was the saving grace since it enabled the team to concentrate on actual, challenging problems."
The Customer

"Our client had no experience working with AI-based products, as they preferred a manual approach. However, due to the need to boost productivity, they let us implement the perfect solution to meet their business demands."

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The Solution:

Our software development team presented a Generative AI solution that transforms text understanding and consumer communication. This tool comprehends, interprets, and replies to customers' written messages, providing strong analytics to the business.

With an AI-based chatbot, scaling up or down to meet the specific needs of the company or customer base is a breeze. Our client gained analytical data on customer preferences and behavior by analyzing chat session reports. These insights helped to identify areas for improvement and new opportunities and boost sales.

The work process was divided into several steps:

  • Preparation of a database: To feed the bot, specialists collected and filtered the company's textual content, including articles, scripts, tutorials, and FAQs.
  • Educating the chatbot to respond to client inquiries: Our experts teach AI bot using templates so it can give relevant answers.
  • Integrating the bot into the existing chat service: It was vital to seamlessly integrate the AI engine into the current framework without interrupting the workflow. It took just 1 hour.
  • Performance testing in a natural setting: Here, we decided with the client in which situations it is required to forward the request to the manager and created scripts for typical queries.

The system is continuously self-educating to deliver the most precise and current results. It offers a smooth user experience while also improving its dependability.

The Result:

  • The AI engine cut the first response time in half.
  • The number of happy customers has grown by 28%.
  • Thousands of requests were processed successfully.

The chatbot's key benefit is consistent performance without days off or vacations, which helps reduce hiring, administration, and HR costs.

"Thanks to chatbot implementation, our dedicated customer service team can now devote their time to other essential tasks. It reduces client wait times and enables us to use sophisticated analytics tools to carefully monitor and assess the outcomes and efficacy of each session. We are now modifying the solution to accommodate a more extensive range of services, and we intend to expand our capabilities to support the growth of our business."
The Customer


We have extensive experience in the development of highly scalable robust distributed platforms. As an example, the largest project was developed by multiple collaborating Outstaff Teams within GCT employing over 70 engineers.

The developed financial services platform supports up to 5 thousand updates per second and serves millions of end-users.

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