What is NumPy?

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NumPy is the library in Python used to perform calculations of varying degrees of complexity. This package is very fast because the source code is written in C, accessing hardware resources.

NumPy uses the principles of linear algebra, and mathematical calculations performed on vectors and matrices. The data array is one of the main library tools, which is used for analysis and processing. For optimal information processing, it is required to use homogeneous data in the array. These can be floating points or integer values but they cannot be used simultaneously. The NumPy library can be used to do such tasks:

  • implementation of various machine learning algorithms and preliminary data preparation;
  • carrying out engineering and scientific calculations of varying degrees of complexity;
  • processing of incoming images and signals for subsequent use.

NumPy is a built-in Python package that must first be included in a project to be used. Afterward, the box must be imported into your application for optimal use. NumPy is a simple and easy-to-use number manipulation tool.

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