What is Pandas?

Software Development

Pandas is one of the Python helper packages that is distributed as open source. It is used to analyze and cluster data for machine learning. This library is based on the NumPy platform and can handle multidimensional arrays.

Pandas help you process even the most complex data streams and perform repetitive actions that require processing. Among the essential tasks of the library are the following:

  • search for maximum or minimum analysis;
  • performing statistical analysis of the data set;
  • visualization of information using graphs;
  • bringing data into standard form, cleaning and filling;
  • loading, saving, and checking information on specific parameters.

Pandas also allow you to find correlation and mean and remove irrelevant rows from the data set. Pandas is one of the most user-friendly analytical tools in demand among many developers. It can be used for both large and small projects. Pandas can be used alongside other packages. It is included in any assembly of Python, allowing you to implement tasks of any complexity.

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