Comprehensive Platform LabReports for Medical Reports and Vital Sign Monitoring

About the company

LabReports is a game-changer in the American healthcare industry. It is a B2C2B company that successfully combined in-vitro diagnosis and digital solutions to present a universal platform for storing medical reports and comprehensive monitoring of the body’s vital signs.

Being at a stage of active development and market entry, the product has the potential to change the state medical system and can help tens of thousands of people prevent the development of devastating diseases. A clearly structured chain of three links: clinical laboratories – LabReports platform – patient allows for the timely detection of first alarming signs and the promotion of preventive measures to avoid advanced stages of the disease.

Project team

At the start point, all the processes were carried out by the six-person team consisting of a project manager, two front-end developers, a back-end developer, a tester, and a designer.

Later, the team was expanded with three additional back-end developers, five front-end developers, mobile app developers, a business analyst, and two more testers.

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LabReports is a team of passionate experts with vast laboratory experience and knowledge in clinical diagnosis. To embody their idea till the end, they needed to collaborate with a team of software development masters who were likewise fans of their own work. The starting point of our cooperation was a full match in values.

LabReports sought our expertise to utilize advanced technology. They needed a platform that gathers and processes big data from laboratories, subsequently offering patients personalized healthcare advice. The final product must be equally beneficial for individuals and medical institutions.

The key challenge was to launch the process of accepting data arrays with the results of various clinical tests in real time. Moreover, a system should be able to analyze these data considering the multi-criteria users` filters.

“Just imagine all over the world 7 people per hour die due to delayed diagnosis of the disease. Regular preventive services can greatly reduce the scope of the problem. We needed to develop a solution not only for storing medical documents and test results; this should be a smart and dynamic system with the ability to control health conditions according to individual criteria. From a technical point of view, such a task requires great effort.”

Vladimir Roudik, LabReports

“Our strength lies in integrating advanced high-tech solutions into business infrastructure. It is thrilling when clients come up with innovative ideas to transform vital aspects of our lives with the help of technology. Our team was eager to help LabReports maximize the benefits of AI and databases for the betterment of humanity.”

Dmitriy Medvedev, Head of the Project


We developed this project, starting from scratch. As pioneers in creating such a platform for the in-vitro diagnosis industry, we were tasked not only with crafting the product but also with conceptualizing the raw idea. This complexity demanded innovative problem-solving approaches.

The project unfolded over three primary stages:

1. Preparation and input data studying: Our research led to the blueprint of a software solution capable of addressing the healthcare industry’s specific needs. A significant part of this phase involved working closely with a client to understand all the backstage healthcare processes, national regulatory standards, risk estimation for insurance companies, and HIPAA security rules.

2. Platform development: This stage took 6 months. We focused on programming a LIS solution to gather, process, and present data in accessible formats like charts and health improvement recommendations. We draw up special connectors for integration that would bridge the laboratories and our system for the data transmission process.

Concurrently, we presented:

  • All Reports section: It is a storage for viewing and analyzing all existing lab reports. Here users have two options to upload results manually or connect with a laboratory to receive results automatically.
  • Panels section for tracking biomarker history: We grouped biomarkers by body systems or health conditions for a more intuitive and straightforward review of results.
  • Module notifications: Thanks to AI solutions, the platform constantly analyzes test results and generates notifications to help meet screening and preventative medicine guidelines.
  • “Vault” section for storing health-related documents with fully customized options.

3. Implementing B2B features and finishing front-end development: We completed the development of an adaptive mobile version, presented the iOS and Android app, and refined the process of lab connection. In addition, efforts were focused on adding business-oriented features to make the platform beneficial for local medical institutions and insurance companies.


“Our product aimed to provide patients with easy access to their healthcare data, including medical records, lab results, and preventive advice wherever they are. The complexity was driven by the need to incorporate sophisticated algorithms capable of transforming raw data into meaningful information that can be used by both the patient and their providers for decision-making purposes.”


Dmitriy Medvedev, Head of the Project


We are proud that our team has made a product that has no equivalents. As a result, we got a dynamic ecosystem based on structured laboratory data and AI algorithms with a massive repository of reference information to interpret laboratory insights.

Key features of the LabReports platform:

  • Patient Data Analyzer

Using AI algorithms, the system evaluates the health status of a patient based on established medical norms and standards. When identifying any health issues or negative dynamics, it offers recommendations, such as preventive measures, regular tests, and visiting relevant specialists. The key advantage of this feature lies in its cumulative capability — the system stores and analyzes up to five years of test results in dynamics.

  • Accessibility Panel

We took care of those who struggle with disabilities but also need help. We’ve gone beyond the standard settings found on most smartphones and PCs. People with vision impairments can choose color schemes that are easier for them to see. They can also adjust fonts, colors, and scale within the app to make information more accessible.

  • Notification Dispatch System

Our notification system keeps users informed about their test results, updates on their health condition, and any recommendations for further tests. This system helps users stay on top of their health by sending timely reminders. The app provides users with graphical representations, analytical data, and explanatory information.

“In just a year and a half, Global Cloud Team released a unique and complex product with no existing analogs. They helped us to adeptly incorporate advanced technologies to boost the overall healthcare industry.”

Vladimir Roudik, LabReports


We have extensive experience in the development of highly scalable robust distributed platforms. As an example, the largest project was developed by multiple collaborating Outstaff Teams within GCT employing over 70 engineers.

The developed financial services platform supports up to 5 thousand updates per second and serves millions of end-users.

We believe that it takes great people to deliver a great product. top-reasons-first


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