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About Project

Real PRO is an application that aims to teach and consolidate professional skills through daily training in an interactive game form.

The app includes games, educational content (videos, resources, vocabulary), ratings, statistics, reporting for managers and daily workout notifications.

  • 2 Courses
  • Over 700 questions
  • Over 250 educational materials
  • Application is only for corporate users
  • 75 % of successful users games after 1 month using application

Status: Production V 2.1

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Technical Information

The application is written entirely with a functional approach that makes the application more streamlined and easier to maintain.
Types allows you to track dependencies, improve code readability, and improve module structure.

The project uses architectural approaches that allow separating UI and business logic, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently make edits in the code.

Project Team

  • 2 Back-End Developer
  • 6 Mobile Developers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 QA
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Methodist

How Real PRO works:

The application provides the ability to add your own content in the form of questions and training materials to train employees in the direction you need.

Real PRO consists of:

  • Interactive games that include text questions, tests are on previously read articles and watched videos.
  • Educational action, which contains lots of videos, reference book of terms, a list of helpful books, movies, and resources.
  • Statistics on activity and training efficiency
  • Records for each game
  • Ratings
  • Daily push notification and emails reminders
  • Weekly Emails reports


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