What is JS?

Software Development

JavaScript is a popular object-oriented programming language for creating interactive websites, games, and other web-based applications. JS is client-side, which means it is handled on the client side by the user’s browser interpreter, in contrast to most server-side programming languages.

JS is mainly used for front-end-related tasks such as:

  • create dynamically updated content
  • set up interactive content
  • control multimedia
  • animate images

When accessing the DOM, JS updates the document’s content, manages the browser window, and handles other page events. Java-based apps can be standalone programs or Web page-embedded applets. They are kept as separate files on the PC client despite being embedded. Code for JavaScript is inserted into the HTML document.

Although it operates in browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, it cannot function as standalone software. The benefits of JavaScript include its dynamic nature and adaptability.

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