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About the project

You will never lose access to your account when your data is protected. MaxiPass is a reliable application that stores all passwords in one place.

  • Scalable Application
  • Multilevel Security Roles
  • Banking Level Security For Organizations
  • Single Sign-On Functionality

Status: Production V 3.0

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Our Global Goal

Any IT company is always facing the need to protect data. A security application like this must be able to secure corporate information carefully, generate and remember complex passwords, and distribute access among authorized employees. Moreover, if someone forgets the login information, this application should be able to restore access, and, in unfortunate cases, start all over again. The GCT team proposed and developed a robust web application for doing all of this and more.

What We Are Particularly Proud of

  • Synchronous and asynchronous data encryption. Passwords are always stored in encrypted form. Not even the developers have access to them.
  • CI/CD: The concept of continuous integration and continuous delivery. We run different types of tests that fit each development stage and are able to imitate user behavior.
  • Our study of the architecture with the separation of API and FrontEnd side and development.
  • We have created our application to work within an Extension inside the browser.

Our Process

  • We assembled a team of 1 team leader, 4 developers, and 1 QA engineer.
  • In August 2016, we started work on the project.
  • We first encrypted customer data so that not even developers have access to it.
  • Customized testing processes and CI / CD.
  • A month later, they created a prototype of the application, and after one and a half more, they launched it in production.
  • Soon after release, the app received the first feedback from users and customers – we got working on improvements immediately.
  • Finally, we worked out the architecture with the division of the API and FrontEnd side.

Application Features

  • Distribution of passwords for all organization
  • Multi-step protection of personal data
  • Single repository of personal information
  • Regulated access to all logins and passwords
  • Easy to invite users, create and change commands


We have extensive experience in the development of highly scalable robust distributed platforms. As an example, the largest project was developed by multiple collaborating Outstaff Teams within GCT employing over 70 engineers.

The developed financial services platform supports up to 5 thousand updates per second and serves millions of end-users.

We believe that it takes great people to deliver a great product. top-reasons-first


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