What is CSS?

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CSS is used to create a web page’s style and appearance. You can transform the document layout using the required fonts and styles. This is one of the critical elements of website development, which allows you to make them more attractive.

CSS interacts with and works with HTML to define the appearance of the components it describes. CSS is a decorator that gives the site a more lively and attractive appearance. This language is used to achieve the following goals:

  • CSS helps style every page you design. You don’t have to set types separately, rewriting many codes multiple times. This can be done with simple templates.
  • CSS saves time during development because all styles are stored separately. They can be used to transform an entire site with just a few commands.
  • CSS offers many attributes that can be used to determine the appearance of a page.

CSS will improve the design of web pages created using a markup language. With CSS, you can get results as quickly as possible, reduce development time, and reuse code.

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