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What is UX designer

It is essential to start with the fact that there is no universally accepted definition of UX design. User experience (UX) is the in...
10.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Software engineer vs developer: Main differences

Software developers and engineers are highly skilled professionals who build software from scratch. However, it can sometimes be dif...
08.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

QA testing: What is it?

Quality assurance or QA testing is a process ensuring an organization delivers the best products or services. Quality Assurance aims...
05.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Guide on how to make a Discord bot

Discord is a messaging platform with fabulous voice and video streaming capabilities, built to serve gaming communities. It offers c...
02.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

What Is a Responsive Web Design And How To Use It

Modern smartphones, tablets, desktops, game consoles, and TV display different diagonals. How do websites successfully adapt to mill...
10.06.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

React Native vs. Flutter: Overview of Technology

With the growing popularity of mobile applications, their development requires less time-consuming and simpler processes. In 2022 am...
07.06.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

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