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Logistics Software Development: All The Custom Solutions You Need

More than 500 million packages are delivered every day by the U.S. Postal Service. Combined with other countries, the number gets ev...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Logistics software solutions: All about development, features, and costs

The logistics industry is one of the biggest worldwide. People send and receive goods nearly every day. Simple packages or huge load...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Drone Software Development: All You Need To Know In One Place

At least 15% of Americans have flown a drone at least once during the last year. Time flies by, and this kind of aircraft becomes mo...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Edge Computing explained: Definition, examples, usage

How many times have you experienced high latency? Probably, at least several times during your life. This is often an issue with wea...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

What is ALM software? Detailed explanation

Do you know what is ALM in software? Briefly, it’s what covers the whole lifecycle of an application. So you need it to make your ap...
29.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Custom Mobile Apps Development: what is the difference, pros & cons, promotion, etc

When a business needs to get software for its needs, it usually stands in front of two paths. Either the company gets an out-of-the-...
17.05.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

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