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What is Xamarin and how is it useful for mobile development?

Today, mobile applications are widely used in our lives. A lot of people who develop software want to create mobile applications tha...
09.11.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Monolithic vs microservices architectures: Which one is better?

Microservices become more and more popular in software development. Now, it is a trend because of a lot of advantages: flexibility, ...
08.11.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

What is a Native Mobile Application and how is it different from other types?

What is a native app, how is it created, and where is it used? Before plunging into the endless world of development, you should und...
03.11.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

SAP migration to the cloud: What are the advantages?

SAP is special software that automates the professional activity of different specialists that work with data. These applications ar...
03.11.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

What is Kubernetes and what are the advantages of it?

Software development using containers is becoming more popular every year. It is understandable because they make this process faste...
03.11.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Swift vs Objective-C: differences explained simply

There are only a few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from having a mobile app dedicated to their services. Apps increase coverage, ...
18.10.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

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