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Why is Blockchain Technology Important for Business?

Blockchain belongs to those modern technologies that will change our near future as dramatically as the internet. Energize your busi...
16.04.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Offshore Software Development: A Brief Guide

What are your options for software development? In the context of globalization, more and more countries of the world are becoming c...
16.04.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Basic features of agile development methodologies

It was in 1970 that the American computer scientist Winston Royce compiled a document called “Managing the development of larg...
18.02.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Fintech industry overview for everybody

Financial technologies can be defined in several ways. Most often, they mean all innovations and developments in the field of financ...
18.02.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

The concept of mobile web app development

In recent years, web applications have been rapidly developing, gradually replacing desktop solutions and becoming the most importan...
18.02.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

10 Tips for Mobile Application Development

To become a successful mobile developer, you should follow some advice. It will help you to organize your work efficiently: 1) Try t...
16.01.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

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