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Latest trends of UX design in healthcare

Today, the healthcare industry is developing at a fast pace. Such aspects as the general idea of living healthy, the pandemic, and t...
23.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Top Technologies Metaverse

Without the evolution of technology, we wouldn’t be able to enhance our current devices and secure the best possible user expe...
22.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Top Trends in Product Development 2022

Companies create new products all the time. However, they have to adopt new ways of creating these products. Whether a company makes...
20.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

A short guide on how to plan a website structure

Creating a website may seem like a challenging job. Undoubtedly, the job is tricky and has various pitfalls. However, if you plan a ...
17.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

What is UX engineer: ABC of Profession

Any software development team should have a UX engineer on board. These specialists have an important role and are highly appreciate...
13.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

What is UX designer

It is essential to start with the fact that there is no universally accepted definition of UX design. User experience (UX) is the in...
10.07.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

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