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Sprint planning meeting explanation

IT teams following the Agile framework called Scrum work in cycles called Sprints. These cycles make complex management projects mor...
03.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Why does the business need Development Automation?

The rapid technology development and markets need tools for efficient work. Businesses introducing new technologies to their workflo...
01.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Continuous monitoring development background

Risk professionals spent time reviewing and analyzing as much data as possible, making conclusions, preparing reports on financial, ...
01.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Popular Test Management Tools Review

People familiar with the software development process know that quality assurance of the product is vital to the business’s ge...
01.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Understanding Java Loom Project and Virtual Threads

Java is a mainstream platform that manages concurrency by utilizing multiple threads — Java.lang.Thread. It’s a mapper for the...
10.01.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

List of Web Application Security Practices to Protect Data

The tremendous rise in cybercrime is forcing companies to take a more careful approach to security issues and develop new methods to...
06.01.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

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