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MongoDB and PostgreSQL Database Technologies

Nowadays, many database management developers provide several possible solutions. The choice between MongoDB and PostgreSQL arises. ...
26.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

High-Load Management Systems Development

Highly loaded management systems are an integral trend in the IT field. The term is almost ten years old, but there is no clear defi...
21.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Studies of Code for Better Practices

Coding is the programming foundation. Programming was developed for machines. Good coding must be human-friendly. To be self-explana...
18.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

IT Structure Design with Python Patterns

Design patterns are an important part of software development. They provide a standard, repeatable solution to encountered problems ...
16.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

Low Code Applications Pitfalls

The terms “no-code” and “low code” are used primarily for application development tools and are part of the ...
15.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

DevOps Engineering Predictions in 2022

DevOps is one of the fastest-growing and revolutionary trends in technology. Every modern company uses the software and must quickly...
14.02.2022 Ivan Kolesnikov

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