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The concept of mobile web app development

In recent years, web applications have been rapidly developing, gradually replacing desktop solutions and becoming the most importan...
18.02.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

10 Tips for Mobile Application Development

To become a successful mobile developer, you should follow some advice. It will help you to organize your work efficiently: 1) Try t...
16.01.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

Best Crypto Development Teams: how to organize

Blockchain technologies are developing amazingly fast, creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurs who want to open their bus...
16.01.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

The Secrets of DevOps Organization Structure

Dev and Ops collaboration is the best possible DevOps organizational structure. It is based on the interaction of Dev-and Ops-teams....
10.01.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

The Work in Mobile Game Development Company

The industry of mobile games for Android smartphones and tablets is gaining momentum every year. Some statistics: As of 2019, there ...
10.01.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

What are Blockchain Solutions?

Blockchain means “chain of blocks”. In other words, it is a database, which in the literal sense of the word, is a conti...
10.01.2020 Ivan Kolesnikov

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