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Learn how to create a SharePoint site: the best guide in 2021

SharePoint websites are becoming more popular due to their efficiency. It’s a great way to organize a workspace or simply manage som...
02.09.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Fog Computing vs Cloud Computing: all you need to know in one place

The Internet of Things technologies is expanding every day, requiring more space for data processing. Increased demand for computing...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

What are IoT platforms: all you need to know

The Internet of Things gets more popular each day. This technology connects the physical and digital worlds, bringing multiple benef...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Embedded Software Development Solutions: all you need to know

Do you know what is embedded software? You won’t believe it, but almost every person has encountered it at least once in their life....
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS: The difference explained in simple words with examples

If you’re new to the IT industry, you must be overwhelmed by the number of terms used in each sphere. Dealing with it is truly chall...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Big Data Analytics: find out all you need about it

Big data became a significant part of many development and marketing processes. With its help, thousands of companies create better ...
31.08.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

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