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Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: What’s the Difference?

Institutions obviously have to possess comprehensive information on all aspects regarding their work. They have various types of app...
18.10.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

RPA Finance & Accounting: List of best uses

As the world steadily progresses towards automation, old faulty methods of data operations are increasingly replaced with Robotic Pr...
18.10.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Native Mobile App Development: Features and Advantages

Having a convenient mobile app for your service is critical, whatever it may be. Companies and organizations rush to develop these a...
11.10.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Everything as a Service (XaaS): Explained

When the internet has become a widely-spread network of services, it became apparent that its marketing possibilities are immeasurab...
08.10.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Advantages and Disadvantages of PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Internet was used by businesses as a place to sell their products/services or as a marketing playground before. Although it obviousl...
08.10.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

Custom Software Development: responsibilities, tasks, processes, and more

There are two types of software when it comes to development – out-of-the-box apps and custom solutions. In the first case, we...
20.09.2021 Ivan Kolesnikov

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