What is Android?

Software Development

Today Android mobile development is as popular as iOS. It has become a hot topic among engineers, and there is a lot of interest in creating apps for the platform. According to the statistics, the most popular Android software development languages are Java, C++, and Kotlin. Also, it is possible to use BASIC, Kotlin, C, Lua, and JavaScript. Program code is compiled using Dalvik virtual machines. The Android platform provides a great opportunity for developers to create innovative and exciting apps that millions of users can enjoy.

Main features of Android mobile app development:

  • large selection of tools;
  • ease of data management;
  • built-in security system;
  • universal business solutions.

Android applications can be required for various business areas, as this mobile platform is constantly evolving, offering flexible modern solutions. Many companies hire Android developers in-staff when they plan a long run, but an outsourcing team can be more efficient in this case.

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