What is JMeter?

Software Development

JMeter is a program that simulates the load on applications and websites. It creates a load on the software to identify possible errors. With the help of a tester, you can see which functions of the program or site are more in demand.

Detailed JMeter analytics makes it possible to correct errors in the software. Also, the tester offers options that will help improve the performance of your software.

The main advantages of the program are:

  • many plugins
  • creation of different load strategies
  • providing a full report after completion of work
  • creating a load on individual program functions
  • smooth increase in load

You can use JMeter for web applications, Java programs, and testing all types of connections. The tool starts testing with a minimum load, gradually increasing it. Thus, you can see how many visitors may cause problems in the operation of the site or program. JMeter remembers your actions and then simulates them when testing. This way, you can quickly check several programs.

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