What is LESS?

Software Development

LESS is a CSS extension that allows you to use powerful tools for customizing website styles. The LESS preprocessor contains the necessary settings and controls to allow you to reapply stylesheets as often as needed, using available features. LESS supports multiple browsers.

LESS features dynamic features that allow you to use styles in real time, increasing the overall power of CSS.

It is used for such purposes:

  • fast creation of clean CSS code;
  • cross-platform development for different browsers;
  • dynamic use of all functions;
  • standard saving of program code;
  • simplification of program code changes if necessary;
  • fast code support.

LESS is distributed under a free license. This preprocessor makes the code more organized and easier to understand. This active tool allows you to identify redundancies in the code in time and, if necessary, make all the changes. LESS will enable you to develop high-quality program code and use classes and operations.

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