What is ElasticSearch?

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ElasticSearch is an analytical search engine developed in Java and runs on the Apache Lucene platform. Initially, the system was created as an open-source search engine, allowing you to save and analyze large amounts of data in real-time.

ElasticSearch uses indexes for searching, reducing the time spent processing large data arrays. Data structures are based on documents, allowing you to save a history of transactions. The advantage platform is used to solve such problems:

  • performing searches in programs and gaining access to information resources;
  • search on the pages of the website;
  • conducting corporate searches across the enterprise to evaluate and analyze documents;
  • logging and analytics for data storage;
  • assessment of infrastructure indicators and monitoring.

ElasticSearch allows you to analyze the security system in real-time, displaying the complete situation. The platform contains many built-in business intelligence features for ease of management and streamlined business processes.

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