What is GitLab Pipelines?

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GitLab Pipelines

GitLab is a popular web service for collaborative software development and maintenance. In a single location, you can manage tasks, collaborate on changes with your team, write wiki documentation, assess the quality of releases, and even keep an eye on running applications. The primary component of GitLab CI/CD is a pipeline, which may be made up of tasks that explain:

  • What needs to be done
  • Stages specify when or in what order the jobs need to be completed

What is required to set up an application’s automated deployment in Gitlab? The configuration will only be written in one file, which is a pipeline. A pipeline is a collection of several commands that may be used to complete your project in a single cycle.

A pipeline is divided into phases that can operate in parallel or serially. The pipeline’s main objective is to transfer a git change from one environment to another. The pipeline is stopped, and the user is given feedback if a particular stage is not completed. A commitment that meets all required steps reaches a specific contour or environment.

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