What is Docker Swarm?

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Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm is a mode that was built into the Docker Engine. This is a container tool that was created specifically for this platform. Docker Swarm has several virtual machines for system health checks, load checks, and clustering and health check tools.

Docker Swarm has received additional functionality compared to the classic container orchestration tools. Among the main functions are the following:

  • checking the performance of individual containers;
  • launching a certain number of containers for the created image;
  • expand or reduce the number of containers, if necessary;
  • current updating software.

All functions can be controlled via the command line. Docker Swarm is integrated into the platform, so it does not require additional installation. This handy clustering tool uses special scripts that allow you to work with different resources. You can use all the required parameters and advantages of working in a cluster, not on one but several hosts.

The GlobalCloudTeam team will help you competently use all the features of Docker Swarm for your business tasks. It is an efficient tool for clustering and working with containers. Our staff will help you identify the main components for your software to implement the desired features at a minimal cost.


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