What is MongoDB?

Software Development

The most widely used document-based database management system at present is MongoDB. It was created in C++, making it portable to many systems. It is possible to install MongoDB on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Solaris. In MongoDB, documents are saved in JSON or BSON files. Working with these models is more straightforward, and code and internal grouping of pertinent data yield significant speed gains.

MongoDB has such unique features:

  • flexible query language;
  • dynamic queries;
  • collection indexing;
  • query profiling;
  • logging of write operations;
  • fault tolerance and scalability.

MongoDB supports search-speeding indexes. The sharding approach allows the system to expand horizontally and enable distributed operation. Replication (the storing of multiple copies of data) is additionally supported. Most web development uses the MongoDB DBMS. It is utilized by big data and analytics experts who work with much-unrelated information.

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