What is Kubernetes?

Software Development

Kubernetes is a standardized software that is used to manage containers. Kubernetes is deployed on the Google Cloud platform and distributed under an open-source, public license, which allows access to modernization and multiple settings.

Kubernetes helps in clustering and organizing software. This platform makes container orchestration automated, significantly reducing the time spent on day-to-day costs and increasing the reliability of systems. There are such advantages of technology:

  • Automation of operations. Kubernetes contains essential functions to perform tasks automatically, which allows you to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Infrastructure abstraction. The technology helps manage storage, computing, and networking, so you can focus on software development.
  • Monitoring of working capacity. The platform monitors the health of systems in real-time.

Kubernetes is often used to deploy software that can be used anywhere, regardless of platform. The platform offers standard solutions for different use cases of systems.

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