What is Docker?

Software Development

Docker is an open-source platform to encapsulate applications in “containers,” which are like lightweight virtual machines. Containers let you run your applications in isolated environments, which makes them much easier to manage and deploy. It can be used on any Linux, Windows, or MacOS machine by developers and sysadmins.

Primary advantages of the platform:

  • Simple and quick configuration. Code deployment takes less time and requires less work.
  • Enhances performance. It uses fewer resources and aids in quick application setup.
  • Application isolation: Dockers execute apps inside containers. These containers provide isolation from these apps.
  • Security oversight.

Docker is used to quickly build, distribute, and execute containers. Lightweight user-space virtualization technologies like Docker and LXC containers leverage control groups and namespaces to handle resource separation. The portability of Docker is a benefit. Compared to LXC, it better isolates OS details, storage, and network resources. Docker enables programmers to construct local development environments that resemble live servers.

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