What is jQuery?

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jQuery is a JavaScript library used across platforms and for various tasks. jQuery makes it easy to customize HTML scripts from the client side. As a result, the traversal of all files, event handling, and many other options are simplified. The essence of jQuery is to optimize the website’s JavaScript code, making it more transparent and straightforward.

The jQuery library is fast and supports different types of browsers and operating systems. The supplied functions are implemented with a minimum set of commands. It doesn’t take much time to write code. There are advantages of jQuery:

  • high speed of information processing and scalability;
  • increase in productivity of the software;
  • simplification of work with the interface and strings;
  • use of new optimized functions;
  • development of web programs for browsers.

The jQuery framework is an effective solution for those developing JavaScript web applications. It offers extensive functionality, allows you to connect auxiliary plugins and effects, and manipulate a large amount of data with minimal functions.

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