What is Cucumber?

Software Development

Cucumber is a framework that supports BDD. The main idea of the technology is to write tests to check certain aspects of the software that everyone can understand, regardless of the level of technical knowledge.

First, to describe test cases in Cucumber, users write scripts and tests that fully characterize the behavior of a software system from the average user’s point of view. Then engineers start the development process. Cucumber works with the Ruby programming language.

Benefits of using Cucumber Software:

  • the tool considers the software product from the user’s point of view;
  • test writing style makes it easier to use the code in different test cases;
  • simple setup allows you to create a script for testing quickly;
  • framework can be used to test different aspects of the software.

Cucumber attracts business partners with insufficient knowledge to read the code. With the framework, the interaction between the client and developers is simplified.

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